Monday, September 03, 2007

1993 Topps Football Series 2

It's officially Football season. Preseason games are over, rosters have been cut (Byron Leftwich, WTF?) and kickoff is days away. College football is in full swing. We've already had one huge upset, Ga. Tech over Notre Dame, completely overshadowed by an even more ludicrous upset. So why not celebrate with a football pack?

334 Mark Ingram
479 Dave Lutz
647 Guy McIntyre
403 Drew Hill
434 Jerry Ball
391 Chad Hennings
409 Bryce Paup
514 Leslie O'Neal
476 Gold Brian Mitchell
336 Anthony Miller
397 Eddie Anderson
462 Al Smith
515 Lorenzo White
557 Henry Ellard
528 Erric Pegram

Wow, not a whole lot in this pack unless you're a hard core Tecmo Bowl player. Ingram and Ellard are nice wide receivers, bit it's kind of sad seeing poor Drew Hill play out the string in a Falcons uniform. Bryce Paup won AP NFL Defensive Player of the year once, and Guy McIntyre is probably the best player out of the bunch. Still, in trading card terms, this pack is a complete bust (pun intended). It's not good when two of the players aren't even the most famous people with their names. Still, what did I expect for a series two pack from the early nineties? There's a reason most football sets consists of more rookies than vets nowadays.

Notes on Ephemera:

Original price of the pack: no clue. Somewhere around 50 cents to a buck probably.

What I paid for the pack:
probably 8 for a buck at the local flea market, but I couldn't say for sure.

Cards per pack:

Odds listed for inserts:

ToppsGold card 1:1.02
ToppsBlackGold card 1:72
11 ToppsBlackGold redemption card ($1.50 handling required) 1:180
11 ToppsBlackGold redemption card ($1.50 handling required) 1:900
11 ToppsBlackGold redemption card ($1.50 handling required) 1:3600

Wrapper Weirdness:
For some reason Topps felt it necessary to note that these were 'professional' football cards. You could get a free (no purchase necessary)(while supplies last) ToppsGold card by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to a PO box in Pennsylvania by 3/31/94. A stamp in 1993 was 29 cents so I'm not sure how good a deal this was. However, if you lived in Washington or Vermont you could omit postage. Vermont also could omit postage on the BlackGold redemption requests along with California, Maryland and Georgia. Those Vermonters had a great deal in the early 90's, free football cards and all the maple syrup they could eat.

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