Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Box Blaster Pack 7

Wow! Look at that! A Derek Jeter Autograph! What's that you say? That's just the picture of the Jeter Auto cut off of the box with scissors? That's not even a real card? IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!

-No.61- Jimmy Rollins
-No.75- Mark Mulder
-No.113- Brandon Webb
-No.137- David DeJesus
-No.59- Jim Edmonds
-No.80- Mike Piazza
-No.143- Luis Gonzalez
-No.167- Francisco Liriano

I'm having problems thinking up anything witty to say about this pack. Brandon Webb is a damn good pitcher. Jimmy Rollins is a damn good shortstop. The Minnesota Twins are damn fools for wrecking Liriano's arm last year. All this damn swearing makes baby DeJesus cry. Goudey was known for their Knothole Gang promotion back in the late '30s. This pack has the Over the Hill Gang among the red cards. I'm sad to say that I'm used to Mike Piazza wearing an A's hat now. Sorry to mail this one in folks, I just can't get excited about this pack.

Up next: The last pack! I'll finally be done with this and I can start posting packs of old Topps stickers which is what you all really want to see.


--David said...

Cutting Jeter off the box... Priceless! :-)

rdcobb said...

Nice reference to the crying wrestling fan guy.