Saturday, September 22, 2007

2007 Ultra: Box #2 Packs #3 & 4

Pack #3

Miguel Tejada
Lance Berkman
Torri Hunter
Michael O'Connor
Jesus Flores Ultra Rookie (SP)

Pack #4
Carlos Zambrano
Howie Kendrick
Albert Pujols
Brian Giles

Chipper Jones Feel the Game


Thorzul said...

Something strikingly familiar hit me about that Chipper Jones card. A little research helped me find out that 1987 Fleer used a very similar design, including player name font. (Player position font changed from all CAPS in '87 to traditional case in the insert.) Weird how one can recognize something so insignificant.

Ben M said...

Insignificant? The lay out of those '87 fleer cards are what made them so cool-- sure I wanted the Clark, Bonds and, at one time Ruben Sierra rookies because they were valuable, but those designs didn't hurt either.