Sunday, September 23, 2007

2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Baseball

Last night I found myself at a Target roughly 30 minutes outside of my metropolitan area, so I decided to check out their card selection. What I found was a box full of loose packs from a few years ago at a discounted price. Perfect for the blog, I put a few into my basket. Here is one of the results.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
59 C.C. Sabathia
41 Greg Maddux
CS-28 Lou Brock Century Stars (#0229/1500)
132 Chien-Ming Wang
3 David Eckstein

Thoughts: This set is boring. It sucks. No wonder Donruss had its license snitched away less than two years later. If I was the head of a youth sports program, and the photographer who took player pictures presented me with a faux-sports card photo option (like an add-on to a traditional 8x10, 5x7, 20 wallets package) that looked like this set design, I would have punched him in the face.

The Brock card is cool, but other than that I am unimpressed.


jinxo said...

I quit buying those packs at Target several years ago. I bought 20 packs thinking I was getting some Fleer Ultras. I don't remember what year they were. Instead when I opened the packs someone had put other cards in the packs. Not only that 1 pack had 4 of the same card and the other were the same of the second player. I opened 3 of the packs and was getting almost the same results so I returned the rest of the cards.

--David said...

Well, any time you get a Tribe card pic for the blog, I'm a cappy hamper! :-D