Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1987 Donruss Baseball

Well, this pack of 1987 Donruss brings the ratio of packs of 1987 Topps I've opened to 1987 Donruss I've opened to about 80,000:1. No worries.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
268 Chili Davis
135 Wally Joyner (This would've been a great pull 20 years ago.)
618 Gary Lucas
468 Bill Schroeder
354 John Shelby
222 Tim Burke
86 Hubie Brooks
438 Ron Davis
305 Jack Howell
172 Jim Gantner
534 Jerry Royster
402 Rick Honeycutt
269 Jody Davis
136 Don Slaught
619 Gino Petralli (Gino wins the mustache race, while teammate Don gets an "A" for effort in Chest Hair.

Clemente Puzzle #4,5,6

Grade: B-
These cards are thin. If I had the time, I'd stitch a bunch of these together to make some wrapping paper. At least I got a nice group of Brewer-related guys. First of all there's Gumby, part of the legendary Brewers trio. Next there's Schroeder, who now does TV color for Fox Sports televised Brewers games. Finally, there's Royster, who took over as interim manager in 2002, the season where we went 56-106. A far cry from pulling a Prince, Braun, Gallardo trio in a new pack, but not horrible.

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