Sunday, November 18, 2007

1987 Topps Football

I picked up a few more '87 Topps football packs this weekend. I already pulled the best card out of the box the last time I got some, the second year Jerry Rice card. There's still a few good rookies in there though including Jim Kelly, Randall Cunningham, Doug Flutie and the card I'm hoping to pull, Herschel Walker. Only problem with these packs is the gum has all turned evil and at least one card per pack is ruined. The first two packs were disappointing, netting only a waxed up Boomer Esiason and a cool Reggie White card that was marred by a big printer blotch on his name. Hopefully third time's a charm.

One stick of gum with a menacing leer
105 Rich Camarillo Brillo
19 Raul Allegre
139 Lance Mehl
68 Gary Clark
235 Tony Nathan
198 Minnesota Vikings
44 Jim McMahon
1000 Yard Club #8 Gerald Riggs
364 Greg Ball
322 Leonard Thompson
90 Carl Hairston
314 Ray Childress
254 Rick Donnelly
18 Zeke Mowatt
48 Willie Gault
381 Ray Donaldson

Three kickers in the pack, but at least Camarillo took one for the team and suffered the brunt of the gum attack. Jim McMahon cards are always welcome in my collection. He may not have been the best quarterback, but he was a certified screwball who won a ring which is better than being a great QB. There's a lot of good minor stars in here too. Gary Clark is in Washington's Ring of Fame and had 10000 receiving years in his career. Willie Gault could fly. Hairston, Childress and Georgia's own Ray Donaldson were all great linemen. The 1000 yard club card is extremely cool, Gerald Riggs. Riggs rushed for 1327 yards in 1986 and the Falcons ran his ass into the ground during the mid-80's and he was fun to watch even if the Falcons weren't winning. I'm glad he was able to pick up a Super Bowl ring with the Redskins in 1991, even though the bastards beat the Falcons in the playoffs that year when they muddied up the field. Riggs scored SIX freaking playoff touchdowns including two in the Super Bowl that year as Washington's designated pound the ball into the endzone back. The Falcons face off against the Buccaneers today, and Riggs is shown in a game against the old Creamsicle-era Buccos. Gerald is kneeling after the play with a look on his face as if he's wondering just what the hell just happened. Falcon fans have had that exact same look on their faces their entire lives.

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--David said...

ROTFL, well, as a Steeler fan, I can tell you I had that same look on my face all last season!