Friday, November 02, 2007

2007 Topps Updates and Highlights, errr..., Series Three

Just got back from the Granite Run Mall, and picked up a Hobby box of Topps Updates and Highlights Series Three. I was tempted to rip the box, and post the contents of each pack here. But then, I wouldn't have any material for my own blog.

Jason Phillips
Chad Gaudin
Freddie Bynum
Yunel Escobar (RC)
Placido Polanco All-Star
Wilson Betemit
Chris Schroder

"Red Letters:" Jason Marquis & Magglio Ordonez HR Derby (two-per-pack)

Generation Now: Curtis Granderson #2 (1:4)

Remember that old rent-a-car commercial? "Did you ever get the feeling that they just stopped trying?" Well, did you ever get the feeling that Topps just stopped trying? The last Topps baseball release of the Shorin era can be summed up in a single word: disappointing.

I pulled two meaningless "Red Letter" parallels and a Curtis Granderson mirror insert. No contrived Joba Chamberlain "errors." No short-printed Jacoby Ellsbury's. And no cards of furry animals.

I'll go into further detail on my own site sometime either this weekend, or next week -- depending on whether or not I'm motivated to continue my graduate school application.

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