Friday, November 16, 2007

Legends 35 Baseball Cards for $1.99

Here's the state of the Hobby in my world: Allen & Ginter, Goudey and Topps Basketball are awesome, but I've almost completed my sets. UD Masterpiece kicks ass but it's sold out the only place I've found it. Bowman Heritage rocks, but isn't out in retail yet. Turkey Red and the Upper Deck Rookies set with no rookies just don't interest me. I'm kind of done with all the Topps, Fleer and Upper Deck base sets out there. I'd buy Topps Series Three, but I still haven't seen pack one of the stuff in retail and the set kind of sucks to be honest. So am I really desperate enough to rip something open that I will bust old hockey packs and a crappy Legends repack blister? You bet I am.

This pack has 35 cards that are quite obviously late 80's and early 90's vintage. I like Roy Oswalt so I got the pack with his ESPN card on the top. Who knows? there might be some cards I need in here for The 792. Let's pry this puppy open.

2005 ESPN Roy Oswalt #41
1992 Fleer Brad Arnsberg #298
1993 Stadium Club Junior Felix #457
1989 Upper Deck Mike LaValliere #417
1993 Stadium Club Mike Fetters #633
1989 Upper Deck Ozzie Guillen #175
1986 Topps Bob Horner #220
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Mark Whiten #127
1993 Pinnacle Rickey Henderson #29
1987 Donruss BJ Surhoff rated rookie #28
1995 Score Thomas Howard #391
1985 Topps Gary Redus #146
1993 Stadium Club Ivan Rodriguez #524
1985 Topps Dave Palmer #526
1989 Donruss Ron Kittle #428
1990 Bowman Todd Hundley #142
1989 Upper Deck Jose Canseco checklist #670
1984 Topps Dale Berra #18
1987 Donruss Greg Mathews #208
1994 Topps Bud Black #89
1987 Donruss Bruce Hurst #174
1990 Donruss Dave Johnson #702
1991 Upper Deck Eric Plunk #695
1985 Fleer Burt Hooton #373
1991 Upper Deck Fred McGriff #565
1992 Pinnacle Ken Caminiti #43
1989 Upper Deck Jeff Musselman #41
1992 Topps Joe Girardi #529
1990 Donruss Fred McGriff #188
1989 Donruss Walt Weiss #446
1992 Stadium Club Matt Sinatro #872
1991 Score Steve Howard #364
1988 Topps Paul Assenmacher #266
1994 Classic Rodney Pedraza #53
1994 Collector's Choice Tony Phillips #230

This might be the best two bucks I've spent all year. Yeah, I've pulled some crazy stuff out of packs this year, but I was pretty darn excited to pull an '86 Bob Horner card out of this pack! James Robert was my favorite player when I was a kid, at least my favorite position player that is. Phil Niekro was (and still pretty much is) my absolute favorite player, but the Braves thought he was too old and dumped him and he ended up winning his 300th game in a Yankees uniform. Bob picked up the banner and was my favorite player until collusion sent him packing to Japan. Then it was sort of Murphy by default, Dave Justice took over for him in '90 and finally Chipper Jones became my favorite when Dave ripped the fans a new one before game 6 of the '95 World Series. I mean, yeah, Dave was absolutely right, but couldn't he have held his tongue one more day? I played the same position as Bob and even had his uniform number in little league. If it weren't for those lousy knees, Bob would have been an all-timer. He could crush the hell out of the ball.

This pack is just stuffed with goodness. There's a bunch of Braves in here although just a couple in a Braves uni. We have Paul Assenmacher, Horner, TWO Fred McGriffs, BJ Surhoff (his rookie card!), Ozzie Guillen, Ken Caminiti, Mark Whiten (yep, he was a Brave, look it up), Walt Weiss and Matt Sinatro. Matt's Stadium Club card is interesting in that it shows his Topps rookie card is from 1990 Topps traded. I know I have Donruss cards of him from the early 80's, and Topps didn't make a card of him till 1990? Weird. There's also a bunch of stars in here that I didn't expect to see. There's an early card of Pudge Rodriguez, the Oswalt, a Todd Hundley Bowman Rookie, a checklist card of Jose Canseco, Ron Kittle who is a star in my book no matter what anyone else says, I'll say it again, TWO freaking cards of the Crime Dog and a fantastic Pinnacle card of the one and only Rickey Henderson. Yeah, fine. So it's all crap. There probably isn't a card in the bunch that books for much over a quarter. Who cares about the book. I've had a lot more fun opening this than I have a whole lot of other more expensive stuff this year. Forget the stupid repacks with the lousy jersey card or a guaranteed book value, go for the cheap stuff and have some fun with it.


Kevin said...

Hey, you even got the "other" Dave Johnson! Dave was an awesome "local boy made good" story for that amazing 1989 Orioles team that nearly won the AL East. He grew up in Middle River, MD (a couple miles from my home) and had been a career minor leaguer save for a cup of coffee with the Pirates in like 1987.

In a bind for pitching, the Orioles called him up in August and he tossed complete game wins in three of his first five starts - including his first two starts at home! After leading the team in wins the next year, he bottomed out in 1991 and was out of the league after a disastrous cameo in Detroit in 1993, but he's now an analyst for O's game on the Mid Atlantic Sports Network and his son Steven pitches in the Dodgers' system.

Sorry, I've got a soft spot for Dave Johnson. After all, the guy used to go to the same dentist as I did.

--David said...

I hate being stuck buying packs from Wally World since we don't have any other choice in this rural neck of the woods... The $1.99 jobbie looks pretty good...