Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1992 Pinnacle Series 2 - Glavine wrapper

Here's the last one of the Pinnacle packs, this one features Tom Glavine, who won the Cy Young the year before. The ad on the back is for their Rookie Idols insert set. I was about to make fun of the Todd Van Poppel/Nolan Ryan card advertised, but I checked the price guide and it doesn't book too badly. The odds on these cards are no greater than one in 125 per the back of the pack. Let's see what I pulled.

573 Hector Fajardo
588 Willie Stargell and Dave Justice The Idols
618 Nolan Ryan blueprint
603 Jose Lind Shades
544 Jarvis Brown
444 Jay Howell
456 Carlos Hernandez
464 Jeff Johnson
476 Reggie Jefferson
484 Russ Swan
417 Tom Henke
314Tom Brunansky
326 Von Hayes
334 Craig Grebeck
346 Luis Rivera
354 Scott Aldred

This pack wins. Between Pops and Justice on the same card and a cool as hell Nolan Ryan, there's no need to look over the usual group of relief pitchers, role players and forgettable rookies. The Shades cards were pretty popular back in '92 if I remember correctly. Jose Lind should have been wearing these cool shades in the 7th game of the '92 NLCS to keep the moon out of his eyes. If you see any '92 Pinnacle series two packs out there and decide to pick one up, remember that you'll get a couple of cool looking subset cards and probably not a whole lot else.


Mike S said...

I love this set. All sets from 1992 really take me back - I've played so many games of Sports Talk Baseball that it's what I think of when some of these guys are mentioned.

The Idols subset was always one of my favorites - the best is the David Cone/Jackie Gleason card, as it so very random.

My friends and I actually designed our own sets with Shades as a subset (very original, right?), but I never knew that Pinnacle included Jose Lind in the subset. It's like some of those random Diamond Kings (Dave Schmidt, et al) that just make you shake your head.

SJ said...

Chico Lind had a rough career, .254 average, 9 homers, 62 steals. Good thing he could field his position well.