Friday, November 16, 2007

2006 Topps Opening Day

Am I obnoxious enough to post a pack featuring Barry's smiling face right on the front of the wrapper today of all days? Of course I am! 2006 Opening Day here we come!

Stick o' Bazooka
126 Kevin Millwood
156 Chris Demaria RC
101 Dontrelle Willis
79 Todd Helton
118 Jason Schmidt
69 Jake Peavy
Eric Chavez Max Action 12-25

This was a pack out of a repack box I never bothered to open. This set is the patron saint for NOT stamping names in foil on cards. Sure, it's nice in theory, but then Topps goes and stamps them in blue foil on a black background to render them completely unreadable. There's a a red foil parallel that's marginally more readable, but it's one in 11 packs. The Millwood and Chavez cards are dinged from being crammed in the box. It's not too bad a collection of players though. You could do a lot worse than Willis, Helton and Cy Peavy. The rookie didn't do much for the Brew Crew last year. Hey, spring training's just around the corner, maybe he'll get hot in the Cactus league. I'm disappointed in the Chavez chase card. This set had two different insert sets and one of them had a word balloon on the back where you could write in your own caption. That would be very useful here. Instead we get a card... FOR KIDS. Just in case we forgot these dollar packs are for the shorties. Oh well, lousy day, lousy pack.

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--David said...

Bonds looks like he is doing a commercial: "Hey, you've just been indicted for lying to the grand jury! What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to San, uh.. Coopers... uhh... Hey kids, want to know how Uncle Barry got so big?"