Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2006-2007 Upper Deck Bee Hive Hockey

I've always been intrigued by Bee Hive hockey cards, but I never got around to buying a pack. The only retail Bee Hive I ever saw was a few packs in a Quik Trip gas station in the 90's but back then I was not prepared to drop 7 bucks on a pack of cards even if it did have a cabinet size card in every pack. I saw this pack in a blister pack and thought why not. There were a couple of other Upper deck packs in the blister, here's what I got out of them:

UD Victory - diddley
Some UD crap - squat

Now to the good stuff.

5 Mats Sundin
160 Eric Fehr rookie
33 Martin Gerber
16 Patrick Marleau

I apparently lucked out and pulled a 1:8 pack rookie card. I don't know if Eric is any good or not, but he''s hurt right now. And when did Washington dump the eagle and go back to the hockey stick logo? Sheesh, you completely abandon a sport after the most disastrously ill-conceived lockout in the history of sports and they go and screw up the logos when your back is turned. I kind of like these cards though, there's sort of a nouveau retro type of thing going on. The original Bee Hive was a hockey player photo set that was issued from 1934 until 1967. I've never seen any of them before, but there's some galleries online. The rookie card looks a lot like the Bobby Hull card from here. So I guess this set is like Hockey's version of Heritage, or at least Vintage. The backs have a vintagey feel to them don't they? There's a store near me that has a bunch of blasters of this stuff that hasn't been touched in months. It will probably stay untouched though, this stuff is nice but not nice enough to drop twenty bucks on.

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