Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2007 Bowman Heritage

So I check the message boards this morning and discover that Bowman Heritage is live, live, live, baby. About four hours later I'm at the shop plunking down my money for a box and a pack. Here's the pack, check my blog later this evening for info on the box.

33 Jeff Kent
1 Jeff "Gold Glover" Francoeur
164 rainbow Jeff Duncan
BHP19 Noe Rodriguez
BHP91 Ryan Norwood
245 Travis Buck RC
155 Jimmy Rollins
23 Carlos Delgado

I opened up this pack and was not thrilled about the first card I saw. Not a big fan of Jeff Kent. Then I realized that Jeff was just protecting another Jeff from being damaged, the true first card, Jeff Francoeur. Frank Wren needs to forget about signing an over the hill Met pitcher and lock Frenchy up for a long time. The base cards are all pretty good, 4 stars and a rookie. Jimmy Rollins looks cool in front of the Liberty Bell. I don't know who Travis Buck is, but I like him. He's no Torii Hunter, but he looks delightfully unhinged. He also has the same signature as Matt DeSalvo does on his Topps card. Methinks Topps is forging these odd faux logo autos.

Unlike last year's mess of a set, the rainbow foil cards are actually rainbowy this year. I got Chris Duncan for the pack searching deterrent card. Dave's kid is a lot nicer card to pull than the stupid Upper Deck thick advertising cards. There are no mini cards this year, which is disappointing. The '05 minis with the '51 design looked really good.

Topps ganked the 1954 Red Heart Dog Food set for the design of the prospect cards this year. They look pretty sweet and I think it's better that they are differentiated from the base design. The fronts are an exact copy of the '54 set while the backs shrink the logo and shift the stats a bit, but are more or less the same. I don't know who these two are though.

A pretty good effort from Topps, unlike last year. I don't know who the short prints are, but I don't mind at this point. It would be nice if they weren't skip numbered this time. Overall, I'm as happy as 'ol Travis here with this pack.


Tragik007 said...

Wow, that is the best looking Bowman Heritage I have seen yet.

How much is a box going for?

-Wax Heaven

dayf said...

I got mine for 62 the first day. It's up to 66 at the same shop now.