Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic

I bought this pack right before the holiday and lucked into the perfect time to post it. I never ever buy packs of this stuff but I got suckered into it when I got caught up in the moment. I went to the card shop for one last fling before I went on vacation and while I was there a guy was selling off a bunch of cards, mostly autos and jerseys. As soon as he got his money he started attacking this box looking for a letter auto card. I watched him go at it, but he didn't get much of anything other than a Chipper Jones insert. Once he left I got interested. I had five bucks to kill and there wasn't much else in the way of packs. I could have bought a grab bag, but I got greedy and went for the big hit. That guy weeded out all the crappy packs already, right? The box was behind the counter because for some reason Upper Deck decided that in a product where the big guaranteed hits in each box are massively thick cards, that it was appropriate to only include pack searching deterrents in half the packs. I squinted at the box looking for a good one and chose the pack second from the bottom. Woo hoo! A thick pack! Did I get a letter auto? How about an Ex-Rod gimmicky crap card? Let's find out!

79 Joe Nathan
42 Trevor Hoffman
Big ol' Hunk-O-Nothin'
99 Roy Halladay
47 Chris Carpenter
AS-6 Brandon Phillips Authentic Speed

Well, that was worth five bucks, wasn't it?? No letters or autos, and no Exes, but I did get two Cy Young winners and a Hall of Fame closer I guess. The insert card looks nice, but I'm not too interested in Brandon Phillips. Actually the thing that bugs me the most is that UD simply recycled the design from 2005 Artifacts and just used a wood grain instead of a marble theme. Laziness! To add insult to injury, the grab bag I would have gotten was about a third full with cards from last years SP Authentic set. I guess I can wait till next year to finish off this set with a grab bag. I'll leave you with a scan of the thick deterrent card, which helpfully has a discount code for upperdeckstore.com. Steal that code! Use that code to put these monsters out of business with a 15, 25 or 50% discount! I paid five whole dollars for that thick card, I can use it for nefarious purposes if I wish.

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