Monday, November 19, 2007

1992 Pinnacle Series 2 - Sierra wrapper

Here's the second of my Pinnacle packs, this one has Ruben Sierra on the wrapper. Ruben is in a Rangers uni where he belongs even though he was a big contributor for the A's and Yankees. Sierra was apparently George W's favorite player for the Rangers back when he owned the team, which explains why he got traded to the A's for Jose Canseco around the time this pack was on the shelves. No anti-drug PSA on the back of the wrapper, there's an ad for a 1992 Baseball Player list for the low low price of one dollar. Who the hell buys a checklist for a dollar? I wonder how many of those things sold, there can't be that many floating around right now. Time to rip.

592 Orel Hershiser Sidelines
607 Jack McDowell Grips
533 Jeff Branson
548 Bobby Jones Draft Pick
563 Pat Hentgen prospect
466 Paul Assenmacher
474 Bryn Smith
486 Ken Hill
494 Joe Magrane
506 Cory Snyder
514 Dante Bichette
333 David West
347 Al Osuna
353 Mark Eichhorn
367 Chris Bosio
373 Lance Johnson

Three Cy Young winners in the pack. Pat Hentgen beat out Pettitte for the award in 1996. Bulldog's looking sharp on the links. Jack McDowell is showing off his split finger. Jack was one of my favorites back in the early 90's. I've got a binder with a bunch of pages filled with his cards somewhere. I liked that Sox team with Fisk, Ventura and Big Hurt and Black Jack was dominant for a few years. Plus he plays in a band, so how cool is that? It sucks that his arm got screwed up. Bobby Jones was supposed to win a Cy Young but it didn't quite happen. There's another Sox player in the pack, Lance Johnson. One Dog and Raines were lethal in that lineup. There's a lot of pitchers in this pack, Assenmacher, Eichhorn, Magrane, Bosio, West... sheesh. This is definitely a series 2 pack. Dante Bichette and Cory Snyder look a little weird in their Brewers and Giants unis.

I'll have to give the nod to Bagwell so far in the battle of the best pack, although it's pretty close. Flying Belliard pushes Bags over the top. Next up: #23 Don Mattingly.


SJ said...

Did anyone actually buy the decoder to see the Pinnacle logo on the back that is scrambled?

--David said...

ROTFL, I never knew there was such a beast (decoder). Man, did I miss out or what? I' msure it revealed the oft-used, "Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine." :-)

Chris Harris said...

Back in '93 Pinnacle issued a 30-card Joe DiMaggio set, that came packaged in a collector's tin. In each set was a ribbed lenticular "decoder" lens.