Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1988 Fleer Baseball

Turning back the clock to 1988, we're busting a pack of Fleer. Red, white, and blue are the colors of the day. Bush #1 promised no new taxes as a ploy to defeat Dukakis, a drought hit the American west and midwest particularly hard, and Kirk Gibson limped his way to a game 1 home run in the World Series.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
White Sox and Twins sticker/Atlanta Fulton County Stadium back
382 Donnell Nixon (Otis' brother...sweet! Too bad his name wasn't Milo.)

93 Jon Perlman
58 Willie Hernandez
596 Benito Santiago
564 Ray Knight
513 Mariano Duncan
287 Dwayne Murphy
187 Vance Law (Rockin' the glasses. Hard.)

264 Bill Pecota (Rockin' the overbite. Harder.)

229 Dave Concepcion
472 Mike Loynd
149 Rafael Santana
490 Willie Fraser (Possible camel-toe. Too much wiener for one card, although it's probably mostly cup.)

304 Von Hayes
118 Fred McGriff (Seems to be a lot of this guy on the blog lately.)

Grade: C
No real superstars to speak of, a really ho-hum pack. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to corral another Sammy Stewart like the one I got in my Trade Me Anything promotion. Check it out.

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Doug said...

I've always liked the design of this set. Very clean, very crisp and unquestionably patriotic.