Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1992 Pinnacle Series 2 - Mattlingly wrapper

Here's pack three of my Pinnacle haul, this one features #23 Don Mattingly. The ad on the back of this wrapper is for the SCOREGUARD™ AUTHENTICATOR™ LENS that was thoroughly discussed in the comments over here. This is too good not to share so here's a scan.

That's right, this thing is so bad-ass it requires two trademarks. For only one dollar, you too can see the unscrambled Score logo through the secret decoder lens. I do have one question though... if the coded SCORE logo cannot be duplicated, then how did they print it on all the cards? The offer is good while supplies last, so I'm sending a buck to El Paso. I bet there's still a pile of these things sitting next to the checklists. Ok, onto the cards.

613 Rod Beck
539 Jim Abbott
554 Ben Rivera
569 Scott Hatteberg Draft Pick
584 Rod Carew & Don Mattingly The Idols
470 Jeff Brantley
475 Mike Flanagan
490 Scott Livingston
495 Bob Kipper
510 Archi Cianfrocco
515 Juan Berenguer
352 Trevor Wilson
368 Brian Downing
372 Luis Salazar
388 Rich Delucia
392 Pedro Guerrero
Mattingly has a card in his own pack, a really awesome one with Rod Carew. Jim Abbott is the closest thing to a star that was not in a subset that I've seen in one of these packs. It's got a great shot of his follow through on his delivery. It also has another floating baseball in the border. Once I finish opening these packs I need to count the number of cards with the floating baseball. I bet it's over 25%. Brian Downing does the floaters one better. His photo catches him in mid-swing and it looks like he's slicing through the border with a katana. Senior Smoke is cool, the Scott Hatteberg rookie isn't bad and I always liked Pedro Guerrero as a player. Not much else in here though. I looked through the checklist (no not the dollar one, the price guide one) and there are a few stars in here. Bonds, Griffey, Gwynn, Murray and a few others. The Jeff Kent rookie is the key to the whole set, booking at three whole dollars. We'll see what Glavine brings us tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Let us know how the Authenticator attempt goes. I'll bet they're in a warehouse somewhere in a small cardboard box, next to some forklift pallets and a few obsolete Tandy computers.

Oh, and the Ark of the Covenant.