Monday, November 26, 2007

2007 UD Masterpieces Live Box Break

Over on my own blog I'm chugging through the Slowest Box Break Ever, a Bowman Heritage break that so far has taken 3 weeks. Just to show I can do things speedy-like if I want to, I'm going to live blog a UD Masterpieces blaster box break tonight at about 10:00pm eastern. It's been a little slow here lately so it's time to liven things up a bit. Here's what I'm a gonna do:

  • At or around 10:00pm, I will update the post announcing the box break is on, noting the time.
  • I will rip open each pack, list the cards out, scan the best one, and post it, again noting the time.
  • I will rinse and repeat seven more times for each of the packs.
  • At the same time I am doing this, I will place each card in plastic sheets along with the rest of my set.
  • Dupes will be segregated and listed out at the end of the box break.
  • All dupes from the box will be immediately up for trade, first come, first served.
  • To make a trade: e-mail me at dayf13 -at- gmail -dot- com. Just tell me which ones you want and we'll work out what's coming back in return later.
  • If the Collation Gods smile upon me and there are zero dupes in the box (I have 42 cards out of 90 so far, so it's possible, but unlikely) sorry, you're out of luck. No trades this time.
  • BONUS: if I can't break this box and post it in fifteen minutes from the first rip to the last pack, everyone* who comments on this post within 24 hours of the break gets a free Masterpieces card even if I have to buy another box to fulfill the offer.
  • BONUS BONUS: if this box nets a 'hit' of either an auto, gamer, or framed parallel, everyone who comments while I'm breaking the box gets a free prize. I'll be checking the comments as soon as the box is done, so don't try waiting and sneaking in a comment late.
  • BONUS BONUS BONUS: No SASEs! You win a prize, I'll put the stamp on the package!
That's it until 10pm tonight, let's see some action here!

UPDATE: ok, it's ten o'clock, let's do this thing. I have before me the unopened box. How do you know it's unopened? You don't. You'll have to trust me on this one. When I give the signal, I'm ripping. I'll post all 8 packs within 15 minutes or you get a free card. On my mark...

10:05pm - RIP!!!!

Pack 1: 10:06pm
4 Bill Mazeroski
65 Alex Gordon RC
1 Babe Ruth
79 Chipper Jones

All doubles except the Gordon, not a good start.

Pack 2: 10:08pm
82 Tim Lincecum RC
30 Derek Jeter
66 Howie Kendrick
86 Boston Red Sox

More dupes, get your trades in..

Pack 3: 10:10pm
39 Frank Thomas
52 Johan Santana
21 Walter Johnson
8 Lou Gehrig

Big train & Lou!

Pack 4: 10:13pm
26 Sandy Koufax
11 Bucky Dent
73 Justin Morneau
47 John F. Kennedy

Sandy and da Prez!

Pack 5: 10:15pm
37 Miguel Cabrera
24 Jackie Robinson
60 Bruce Sutter
34 Troy Tulowitzki RC


Pack 6: 10:16pm
89 Reggie Jackson
63 Stephen Drew
28 Kei Igawa RC
59 Bobby Doerr

Gotta hurry...

Pack 7: 10:17pm
76 Bill Clinton
50 Carlos Beltran
35 Joe Mauer
46 Michael Jordan

90's special, Bill & Mike

Pack 8: 10:20pm
36 Travis Hafner
44 Hideki Matsui
22 Babe Ruth
85 Mets

Post! No scans!

Final: - 10:23. The posts got in on time but the scans got all jacked up. Stupid scanner. I'm typing up the dupes now, Everybody who gets a comment in before I post a comment myself, gets a free card. I said fastest box break, not fastest scanner.

10:33 - Here's the list of dupes, claim yours now in the comments section or by e-mailing me. First come first served! Cards in bold are still available for trade, the rest have been claimed.

1 Babe Ruth - Claimed by nmboxer
4 Bill Mazeroski - Claimed by Thorzul
8 Lou Gehrig - Claimed by Kevin
24 Jackie Robinson - Claimed by shanediaz82
30 Derek Jeter - Claimed by mmosley
39 Frank Thomas
66 Howie Kendrick (2)
73 Justin Morneau
79 Chipper Jones - Claimed by Brian
86 Red Sox (2)
89 Reggie Jackson - Claimed by tc

These cards are available too, I just found my stash of doubles. If you've already claimed a card, feel free to change your mind.
51 Delmon Young RC
70 David Wright - Trades pending
83 Billy Butler RC
- one claimed by darkship, one left

10:53 - Post-Mortem.

All in all a pretty good break. No big hits, but I got 21 cards to fill out my set and a few to trade. I really wanted that Ruth Red Sox card too. If you are eligible for a card, claim the one you want in the comments and send me an e-mail telling me where I can send it to. I'll try to have them sent by Friday. This break went fantastic, look for another one in December. Next time maybe I'll give you more than a few hours notice!

*THE FINE PRINT: Free Masterpieces offer limited to the first 32 commenters. I'll buy a blaster and a book of stamps to fulfill my bet, but I'm not risking this getting posted on Digg or Fark and ending up with 800 comments.
The 'hit' offer is unlimited, but if we somehow get 50 unique comments in 10 minutes, it may take a while to send them all out.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up if you can't do it. I'd say you might have a better shot at eating 50 eggs in an hour.

What!? That's been done already!?

Andy said...

cool idea and cool bonuses...but i've already cracked a few of these, so no need to include me on your giveaway list.

shoeboxlegends said...

Great idea for a post! I'd be interested in trading for any doubles, I have a whole bunch of 2007 Goudey that you need according to your want list. Drop me an email if you've got doubles you're willing to trade at the end and you're interested.


Dinged Corners said...

We missed your cardboard-fueled postings over Thanksgiving.

mmosley said...

I really like these cards. I have the Schilling card with the close shot of the bloody sock.

Kevin said...

You know me, I'm always willing to make a deal...

Captain Canuck said...

free cards! gotta love that!

--David said...

Holy smokes! That is one of the fastest blog-based breaks (with scans no less!) I have ever witnessed! Okay, so I was actually a few minutes shy of "witnessing" it, but still... DAWG! :-)

Hey, be happy it wasn't hot dogs! :-)

dayf said...

Ok, GAME OVER! Anyone commenting after this post gets no card unless you ask me really nicely.

Hope it was fun for you guys :)

mmosley said...

I enjoyed it! I was hoping to score the Mets cards but #30 Jeter will do.

Captain Canuck said...

Hey! I'm in! not sure how you are dividing up your dupes... but I would love the Chipper!
But hey! it's free no matter what. The best kind of cards.....

Anonymous said...

Dibs on the Mazeroski!

Steve Gierman said...

Great idea. I would have asked for the Frank Thomas, but I just got that in a blaster box last week. I'll let someone who needs that actually ask for it.

Awesome break though!

TC said...


I thouroughly enjoy your posts on both A Pack A Day and Carboard Junkie.

If I'm not too late, I'll take a masterpiece card.

You can email me at

darkship said...

Sweet idea, this is one of the best card sets ever. And if I get a choice I'll take a Billy Butler to help complete my set. Anything you are looking for? I have a few doubles as well.

Sometimes the work address gets picky

dayf said...

Hey White Sox, e-mail me if you see this post.