Monday, November 12, 2007

1990 Fleer Football

Another Packer victory puts me in the mood for an NFL pack. Coming at ya is 1990 Fleer, the company's debut set. I can remember trade publications positively gushing over this set when it came out. Then they followed it up with the 1991 set. You know, the green borders and the disappearing backgrounds that were turned into a solid color matching the team's color scheme.

The ad above is from Batman #454 (Sep. 1990). I love the brashness of this ad. It proclaims, in what can only be called an upset, that the set is "Rookie of the Year 1990," somehow beating out Emmitt Smith. Also note how prominently Don Majkowski and his magic mullet are featured. Awesome!

Let's giddily tear in.

Top to Bottom:
74 Bart Oates (mini-mullet)
147 Greg Lloyd
47 Matt Bahr (mullet)
3 Michael Carter
158 Jim Lachey
218 Tim Krumrie
362 Johnny Hector
331 Anthony Bell
344 Randy Grimes (mullet)
273 Kelly Stouffer
24 of 25 All-Pro Insert Andre Reed
275 Jim Arnold
295 Vestee Jackson
193 Robert Massey (low-top fade)
171 Brent Fullwood

Take note of the interesting '90s hairstyles below. On about half of the cards, Fleer didn't do such a great job with the back photos. Rule of thumb: Card back photos should be without helmets.

Grade: D
One awful Packer and no real stars make for a bad pack. Only the insert keeps this above failure. If these were seeded similarly to the 1990 Fleer baseball, then there were probably 4-5 per box. I'll stay away from any old products here unless I can get a really good deal.

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dayf said...

There's a shop near me that have a massive stack of 1990 Fleer football boxes on sale for 8 bucks each. I'm really really tempted, even though I never liked the silver bullet design.