Friday, November 09, 2007

2007 Bowman Heritage

Here's pack #7 from my box. Usually when I write these posts I open up the pack, look through them and then write out the post later on once I've had a chance to think about it. A lot of the packs have actually been open for months or years and I'm just now getting back to them. This one is a live blog all the way. It's a pack ripped open just moments ago. I have a good feeling about this pack...

1st card: 177 Jim Edmonds
Nice card, the writer on the back capitalizes words like Home Runs that probably shouldn't be. I do this all the time myself. I now have a spiritual connection with Faceless Topps Copywriter Guy.

2nd card: 73 Jeremy Hermida
Ha! I knew this would be a good pack, the next card under this one either has a chunk missing from it or it's a relic. I don't know if I've been trained by Goudey or what, but I'm really noticing the backgrounds on these cards. This card has is what I guess is a spring training facility, but it may as well be a generic little league park. It also looks like it was photoshopped in, I don't really buy that Hermida is standing in what could be an outfield or could be a parking lot.

3rd card: PG-LG Luis Emilio Gonzalez bat card
Not bad, I'm not sure if I have a Gonzo relic in my collection. I probably do somewhere. It's a decent looking card except the massive Bowman Heritage logo is real distracting. At least the back correctly identifies it as a bat relic.

4th card: BHP32 Brad Knox
The patch of the Elephant wearing sunglasses on Brad's shoulder is one of the funkiest looking logos I've seen in a while. Brad might be a Rule V Draft candidate according to a link on

5th Card: BHP94 Evan Englebrook
Evan Englebrook is one of the most whitebread suburbian names I've ever heard. I want to go listen to my Descendents CD now. Evan got clobbered at AA last year.

6th Card: 224 Mark Reynolds RC
Not a bad rookie year for Mark. He might be a full-timer next year. Could be a legit rookie card too, I only see 2007 cards for Mark other than a Tri-star card.

7th card: 123 Jason Schmidt
A lost season for Jason. Might be worth a late round flyer in next years fantasy draft though.

Last one: 151 Orlando Hernandez
El Duque closes out the pack. These backgrounds have to be fake. I've played beer-leauge softball at that field before.


Chris Harris said...

The Descendents:


Grizzly Adam said...

That bat relic looks like a hand flippin' gonzo the bird.

Ben M said...

yes, but who here has seen the descendents-- probably the longest set i've ever seen; i swear they played some songs twice.

Chris Harris said...

1996: At the Omaha Ranch Bowl. (And they played "Hope" twice, IIRC.)

Ben Meers said...

March 13, 1997: The Abyss; Houston, TX

(I was born in Omaha!)