Sunday, November 11, 2007

1996 Pacific Gridiron

Today we have a special pack culled from the depths of the basement. This pack is special because I got paged all night and I don't want to spend all day listing out an '88 Cello pack. Only two cards! I can mail this one in!

12 Jim Kelly
GG3 Bryce Paup

I had these cards still in the pack because I saved all my 4 pocket sheets for my Donruss Action All Stars. They look pretty much like big Pacific cards except there are no stats on the back. The base card backs have a newspaper theme featuring the Pacific Gridiron Review. Kelly's a pretty nice card, although the photo looks like they just blew up his regular Pacific card, not real crisp. Defensive beast Bryce Paup is the insert making this an All-Bills pack. Paup's got a better photo, but a horrible design, with the bottom quarter of the card covered in green foil stamping. Aah, the halcyon days of mid nineties trading card design...

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