Friday, November 02, 2007

Guest Blogger - 1995 Stadium Club Series 1

Here's a pack from reader Kevin, who recently picked up a box of 1995 Stadium Club. I'll link to the rest of the box break just as soon as I get it up on my site. I've taken the liberty to scan a few of my own '95 cards to decorate the post. :)

A few weeks ago, I scoured eBay for a relatively cheap
(under $20) box of cards. I found a box of Topps
Stadium Club '95 Series One that fit my criteria and
took the plunge. You see, way back in 1995 I was a
scrawny, awkward middle schooler and a rabid card
collector. If I recall correctly, I'd already lost
some of my innocence as a sports fan thanks to the
horrors of the baseball strike, but I came back around
gradually. Although none of the basic 1995 sets did
anything for me, I was immediately drawn to the
beautiful photography and classy design on the front
of the Stadium Club cards...and I guess I overlooked
the butt-ugly clusterf*ck on the back. I never came
close to completing the set, so as a scrawny, awkward
mid-twentysomething I decided to jump back into it.
Let's rip some packs, shall we?

11 Carlos Garcia
28 Virtual Reality Paul Molitor
35 Barry Larkin
219 Roberto Kelly Best Seat in the House
122 Deion Sanders
232 Jose Lind
52 Denny Hocking
195 Eduardo Perez
193 Jeff Conine
245 Mike Bordick
72 Dennis Eckersley
22 Ken Hill

For a first pack, this is a real dud. I knew what I
was in for when I saw a Pirate looking up at me from
the top of the stack. I already had Molitor, Hocking,
and Conine. Eduardo Perez really amuses me on
Baseball Tonight. He sounds like his tongue is too
big for his mouth, but still, he just looks like he's
trying so hard to be cool and insightful. The Eck
card is great, though. No one takes an action shot
quite like him...that classic windup, the wild
mustache and hair frozen in motion, and of course the
ass-kicking squint.

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