Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2001 Upper Deck Evolution Baseball

At long last, my computer can finally handle the task of creating a pack post. Trips to the Mac store on two consecutive nights made for some tense evenings but all is finally well.

Today's pack came in a trade from fellow member dayf. It's always fun to get a pack from the fallow period between around 1994 and this past season where I failed to collect any cards at all. Sure, the big names are the same, but it's the obscure faces that make it invigorating to open something from those dark ages.

Let's tear in. (Man, it feels like a long time since I've typed that!)

Top to bottom:
85 Ken Griffey, Jr. (Spokesperson on the first pull...sweet.)

14 Jim Thome (A future hall-of-famer whose rookie cards you can get for a nickel...also sweet. Outside of the Cleveland metro area (as well as select pockets of Philly and Chicago), Thome reportedly has to pay people to autograph their cards at shows.)
81 Scott Rolen
55 J.D. Drew
EC 2 Gary Sheffield E-Card UD Classics Scratch Off

The thing about this card is...well...where to begin? The back of this card suggests I scratch this off and "Go to to digitize your e-card." This is stupid, and very 2001 of Upper Deck. First of all, a digital baseball card is like a non-alcoholic beer. Or, more aptly, an imaginary handjob. No one wants it, but if you somehow got a hold of one, what would you do with it? The practicality of this card has also long since expired, as the above web address merely gets you to Upper Deck's website.

To top it all off, as a Milwaukee resident and die-hard Brewer fan, I consider Gary Sheffield to be the most reprehensible player the organization ever signed. And this includes Julio Machado, a guy who is currently finishing up a twelve-year prison sentence in Venezuela for fatally shooting a woman for basically cutting him off in traffic. Sheffield was worse. The guy was a complete jag-off for his entire stay, starting from the time he chose #1 as his uniform number. Had I acquired this card in 2001 and decided to redeem it, the most likely outcome would involve smoke billowing out from my DVD drive.

God, what an ass!

Thanks, dayf. Not to be too negative, any pack with a Griffey is a good pack. I look forward to future trades.

By the way, check out Thorzul Will Rule and its new design. In my triumphant return I have posted a few select treats.

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"Handjobs are like playing hockey with a golf club." - Mike Sullivan