Saturday, December 15, 2007

1986 Topps Baseball

CRAP! I was going to do a pack battle between two packs of 1986 Topps, one of which was really poorly wrapped from an earlier Trade Me Anything trade, but after ripping both open, I realized that the mis-wrapped one was from 1989, not 1986. Further proof that the eye sees color

before the brain reads letters.

Oh, and if you want to check out baseball's raunchiest card ever before we get started, click here.

Let's tear in to the 1986.
Top to Bottom:

715 Cal Ripken All Star

42 Geoff Zahn (Looks like somebody's uncle.)

718 Jorge Bell All Star

661 Roger Clemens (Still sweaty as hell all these years later. Could someone hook a brother up with a towel!?)

663 Neil Allen (Alone again. Naturally)

34 Ken Phelps (Playing in front of an empty stadium, expanding his leadoff a few more inches.)

580 Willie McGee (The card that solidified his place as Baseball's Ugliest Man.)

363 Terry Forster (Still packing on the pounds, still likes those high school girls.)

550 Tom Herr (Still rocking the Pumas.)

237 Ted Simmons (Look at how low that knee is!)

104 Sid Fernandez (No comment)

596 Onix Concepcion (Awesome first name! Looks great in ALL CAPS.)

269 Dane Iorg (1985 World Series hero, brother of Garth. "Party on Dane." "Party on Garth.")

758 Dave Anderson (Kirk Gibson' decoy in 1988 WS, showing off the physique that netted 19 home runs in 10 MLB seasons.)

153 Ricky Adams (Ending the pack with an easy double play ball.)

Lucky for that non-existent other 1986 Topps pack that no battle could be held. This one would have kicked its ass.

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