Monday, December 10, 2007

2006 Playoff Prestige Football

The Falcons are playing the Saints tonight, so here's a football pack I dug out of the archives for your amusement. Lord knows the actual game isn't amusing, unless you enjoy watching a horrific slaughter. For those who missed the game, here's a highlight. It's so bad I've actually turned off the game. Let's get away from sports for a while and turn on the nightly news... OHGODAMMIT. No more TV for me today. TV rots your brain anyway. Let's open a pack instead.

29 Muhsin Muhammad
44 Roy Williams
86 Zach Thomas
236 Skyler Green rookie
DP-1 Reggie Bush Draft Picks

This is a typical Donruss product, nice looking but you only get 5 cards for 3 bucks. Pretty good if you get a decent hit, but otherwise not really worth it. I got a Reggie Bush Draft pick insert, which is nice because the one-a-pack rookie features a player who is currently on the Bengals practice squad. The card has a nice photo of Skyler in his LSU jersey and his web site is pretty cool so it's not that bad a pull considering. The vets in the pack aren't all that spectacular, Zach Thomas is probably the best out of the three. The Roy Williams is the Cowboy safety, not the Lions reciever. As for Muhammad, one great year for Carolina does not a star make. It might help if he had a QB in Chicago, but that's not my problem. Reggie is the lone card saving the pack and he's out for the season. I would have been been better off spending three bucks on some antacid instead. At least the internet will never disappoint me.

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