Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Allen & Ginter Blaster Packs 3 and 4

Time to post another couple of packs from my Allen & Ginter blaster.

Let's tear in.

Pack 3:
21 Adam Wainwright
Perez Sketch 23 Greg Maddux

Mini 49 J.J. Putz (A&G Back)
93 Chad Tracey
54 Juan Rivera
56 Chien-Ming Wang
282 Josh Johnson

Again, nothing special. I'm sure the sketch cards have suffered a million insults already, but I must say that the picture makes Maddux look like Lon Chaney a little bit.

Pack 4:
46 Cole Hamels (Great start.)
Mini 212 B.J. Upton
Black Mini (No #) Prince Fielder (YES!)

Perez Sketch 3 Nick Markakis
240 Miguel Tejada
151 Bob Wickman
216 Rickie Weeks

236 Yoel Hernandez

I'll be surprised if this doesn't turn out to be the pack of the box. After opening two hobby boxes, a couple blasters, and several random packs, I've never gotten two minis in a pack before. The fact that there's a black bordered one, and the fact that it's Prince make opening this box worth it. Screw the $20 I would have made on eBay, I got a somewhat-hard-to-get Prince Fielder card. Now if only there's something even better in the next few packs...
I'll keep you posted.

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dayf said...

Cool, Prince would be cool even without the extra mini. I think the guys at topps put in two minis so they know which ones are the good packs. I can't remember if I got one from A&G, but I got an '06 Bowman Heritage pack with two minis and a redemption card for an autograph.

As far as the Perez card goes, I would personally be flattered if someone compared me to Lon Chaney. I'm sure Maddux feels honored.