Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 TriStar Prospects Plus

So by now we all know about Donruss getting back into the baseball card game, kinda. Their Extra Edition draft pick product hit shelves and looks like it's being pretty well received so far. I bought a pack of their Elite Extra Edition set a few years back and got an autographed rookie card. No one I'd ever heard of before though, some Red Sox infielder. Darren Pedroia or something like that. I wonder whatever happened to him? Anyway, I went into the local card shop last week for one last gasp before the Holiday and they had boxes of Donruss sitting right there on the counter. Sweet, I thought, I can get a pack to open here. Maybe I'll get another auto of some scrub like Dunston or whoever. Someone had the same idea I did, and asked if there were packs for sale. "Sorry, we're not packing these out, box sales only," was the reply. I looked at the price tag. $120 a box. Ouch. A little quick math came up with $120/24 packs a box=No Donruss for Dayf this year. I left downhearted (not really, I got all but one card I needed for my UD Masterpieces set while I was there) and wondered where on earth I could go to get my unlicensed MLB Draft pick fix? TriStar to the rescue! Three bucks a pack at Wally World! Christmas was SAVED! Hooray for Tristar!

36 Michael Main
6 Rick Porcello
PT-CLL Chin Lung Lo
74 Nathan Vineyard
61 Joe Savery
6 Ryan Dent

I do not know who ANY of these people are, even though half of them are purportedly first round draft picks from this year. I did get an insert card of Chin (misspelled Ching on the card) Lung Lo, who is a AA pitching prospect for the Rockies. The rest of them are all picks from last June's draft. They all have "Pro Debut" logos on them except Rick Porcello, who has "2007 Draft Pick" where the logo should be. Rick also has a black band on the bottom instead of red. I guess Rick signed too late in the season to play in a rookie league, thus no Pro Debut yet. He got a huge contract from the Tigers and was named Gatorade's top High School Baseball player, so I guess he pretty much has to go in the set. His grandfather is also this guy. There's also pitcher Michael Main, 1st rounder for the Rangers; pitcher Joe Savery, first round pick of the Phillies; and Ryan Dent, an infielder taked by the Red Sox with a sandwich pick after the 1st round. Nathan Vinyard is the coolest out of the pack though, it turns out he went to high school 20 minutes away from where I live over in the next county! And he got picked by the f#$% METS! Now I am downhearted. I got a cool card of a local kid though and now I'm going to be keeping an eye out on Nathan's progress.


Unknown said...

My seven year old son, Trent, and I went by WalMart today to pick up a pack or two of this set. They weren't selling individual packs, so we ended up getting an entire box.

We pulled two autographs (Smoker and Savery) and four Protentials (Landon Powell, Chris Lubanksi, Max Scherzer, and Colby Rasmus (local kid)). We also pulled a Jose Tabata (we're Yankee fans) and another Colby Rasmus.

Although we don't know 90% of these guys, we liked the cards. The Protentials were so-so. We were pleased to get two autographs out of a blasterbox.

dayf said...

TWO autos in a blaster? Fantastic! I need to find a checklist online. If Jason Heyward is in the set I'll probably have to get a box.

The best thing about these sets is looking up the players you've gotten and watching their progress.

Unknown said...

I know you wrote that you were behind in your email, but Trent and I sent you one today. Thanks

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Check out card number 11.

Card # Player Team Affiliate

1 Price, David N/A Tampa Bay Devil Rays

2 Kozma, Peter Johnson City Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
3 Frazier, Todd Billings Mustangs Cincinnati Reds
4 Smolinski, Jake GCL Nationals Washington Nationals
5 Weathers, Casey Asheville Tourists Colorado Rockies
6 Porcello, Rick N/A Detroit Tigers
7 Mortensen, Clayton Swing of the Quad Cities St. Louis Cardinals
8 Dent, Ryan GCL Red Sox Boston Red Sox
9 Detwiler, Ross GCL Nationals Washington Nationals
10 Dominguez, Matt GCL Marlins Florida Marlins
11 Heyward, Jason GCL Braves Atlanta Braves
12 Ramirez, Neil AZL Rangers Texas Rangers
13 Lotzkar, Kyle GCL Reds Cincinnati Reds
14 Hamilton, Brandon GCL Tigers Detroit Tigers
15 Alderson, Tim AZL Giants San Francisco Giants
16 Zimmermann, Jordan Vermont Lake Monsters Washington Nationals
17 Arencibia, Jonathan Auburn Doubledays Toronto Blue Jays
18 Kulbacki, Kellen Eugene Emeralds San Diego Padres
19 Runion, Sam AZL Royals Kansas City Royals
20 Rike, Brian Tri-City Dust Devils Colorado Rockies
21 Moustakas, Mike Idaho Falls Chukars Kansas City Royals
22 Schmidt, Nick Fort Wayne Wizards San Diego Padres
23 Brown, Corey Vancouver Canadiens Oakland A's
24 Desme, Grant Vancouver Canadiens Oakland A's
25 d'Arnaud, Travis GCL Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
26 Burgess, Michael GCL Nationals Washington Nationals
27 Hagadone, Nick Lowell Spinners Boston Red Sox
28 Moskos, Daniel GCL Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates
29 Fairley, Wendell AZL Giants San Francisco Giants
30 Scherzer, Max Visalia Oaks Arizona Diamondbacks
31 Vitters, Josh AZL Cubs Chicago Cubs
32 Mesoraco, Devin GCL Reds Cincinnati Reds
33 Adkins, James Great Lakes Loons Los Angeles Dodgers
34 Williams, Jackson Salem-Keizer Volcanoes San Francisco Giants
35 Luebke, Cory Eugene Emeralds San Diego Padres
36 Main, Michael AZL Rangers Texas Rangers
37 Parker, Jarrod N/A Arizona Diamondbacks
38 Mangini, Matt Everett AquaSox Seattle Mariners
39 Welker, Duke State College Spikes Pittsburgh Pirates
40 Withrow, Chris GCL Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers
41 Payne, Danny Eugene Emeralds San Diego Padres
42 Ahrens, Kevin GCL Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays
43 Revere, Ben GCL Twins Minnesota Twins
44 Roemer, Wes Yakima Bears Arizona Diamondbacks
45 Brackman, Andrew N/A New York Yankees
46 Kline, Will Columbus Catfish Tampa Bay Devil Rays
47 Bumgarner, Madison N/A San Francisco Giants
48 Culberson, Charlie AZL Giants San Francisco Giants
49 Mills, Beau Mahoning Valley Scrappers Cleveland Indians
50 Gilmore, Jon GCL Braves Atlanta Braves
51 Cumberland, Andrew AZL Padres San Diego Padres
52 Bachanov, Jonathan AZL Angels Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
53 Wieters, Matt Aberdeen Ironbirds Baltimore Orioles
54 Doolittle, Sean Kane County Cougars Oakland A's
55 Hunter, Tommy Spokane Indians Texas Rangers
56 Enright, Barry Yakima Bears Arizona Diamondbacks
57 Noonan, Nick AZL Giants San Francisco Giants
58 Jackson, Justin GCL Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays
59 Donaldson, Josh AZL Cubs Chicago Cubs
60 Easley, Ed Yakima Bears Arizona Diamondbacks
61 Savery, Joe Williamsport Crosscutters Philadelphia Phillies
62 Magnuson, Trystan N/A Toronto Blue Jays
63 Cecil, Brett Auburn Doubledays Toronto Blue Jays
64 LaPorta, Matt Helena Brewers Milwaukee Brewers
65 Simmons, James Midland RockHounds Oakland A's
66 Duffy, Daniel AZL Royals Kansas City Royals
67 Aumont, Phillippe N/A Seattle Mariners
68 Canham, Mitch Eugene Emeralds San Diego Padres
69 Smoker, Josh Vermont Lake Monsters Washington Nationals
70 Poreda, Aaron Great Falls White Sox Chcago White Sox
71 Kunz, Eddie Brooklyn Cyclones New York Mets
72 Borbon, Julio AZL Rangers Texas Rangers
73 Beavan, Blake N/A Texas Rangers
74 Vineyard, Nathan GCL Mets New York Mets
75 Kopp, David Batavia Muckdogs St. Louis Cardinals
76 Huntzinger, Brock GCL Red Sox Boston Red Sox
77 Middlebrooks, William N/A Boston Red Sox
78 Reynolds, Greg Tulsa Drillers Colorado Rockies
79 Grote, Taylor GCL Yankees New York Yankees
80 Rasmus, Colby Springfield Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
81 Mather, Joe Springfield Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals
82 Angelini, Carmen GCL Yankees New York Yankees
83 Crosby, Casey GCL Tigers Detroit Tigers
84 Pope, Ryan Staten Island Yankees New York Yankees
85 Rizzo, Anthony GCL Red Sox Boston Red Sox
86 Larish, Jeff Erie Sea Wolves Detroit Tigers
87 Romine, Austin GCL Yankees New York Yankees
88 Mayberry, John Frisco RoughRiders Texas Rangers
89 Suttle, Brad GCL Yankees New York Yankees
90 Lo, Ching-Lung Tulsa Drillers Colorado Rockies
91 Tabata, Jose Tampa Yankees New York Yankees
92 Beato, Pedro Delmarva Shorebirds Baltimore Orioles
93 Cardenas, Adrian Lakewood BlueClaws Philadelphia Phillies
94 Mailman, David GCL Red Sox Boston Red Sox
95 Bell, Bubba Lancaster Jet Hawks Boston Red Sox
96 Arrieta, Jake N/A Baltimore Orioles
97 Snider, Travis Lansing Lugnuts Cincinnati Reds
98 Hilligoss, Mitch Charleston RiverDogs New York Yankees
99 Iorg, Cale GCL Tigers Detroit Tigers
100 Chen, Yung Chi Tacoma Rainiers Seattle Mariners

Pat said...


I lived in Columbus, Ga. for a while. I noticed you wrote Colby Rasmus is a local kid. Are you from Phenix City or the area?
I bought a couple blaster boxes from Wal-Marts here in Florida and got two autos per box, too. I figured it was a fluke, but maybe the boxes shipped to Wal-Mart come like that. I was pumped when I pulled two from the first box, but then I got two in each of the other two boxes. Wahoo!


dayf said...

Geez, I need to find me some blasters!

Pat said...

Managed to get another box at a Wal-Mart for $20...another two autos, two I already had, though: Jordan Zimmerman and Matt Mangini..anyone interested? :) I also pulled a Fernando Martinez and Carlos Gonzalez protential, so not too bad.