Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars

I should have known better on this pack. I got caught up in all the empty promises on the wrapper and was allowed to be seduced by the evil Upper Deck marketing staff. Look at the wrapper for Future Stars baseball. It's got "Future Stars" right there on the package twice in a bold weird computer type font. It's got pictures of no less than 6 of the hot rookies from this year on there too, including Matsuzaka, Igawa, Gordon and Tulowitzki. There's a big Dice-K Autographed Cards logo on the bottom. There's even an official MLB Rookie Card logo on the pack for Pete's sake! Surely this set is just chock full of rookies right?

21 Jon Garland
38 Dontrelle Willis
43 Emil Brown
61 Carlos Delgado

These are future stars?!? Carlos Delgado hasn't been a future star since 1993. Jon Garland could be a star if he can get his ERA back under 4.50 like he did in 2005. Dontrelle is a future Tigers star I suppose. I didn't even know Emil Brown was still in the league to be honest. This is the Pirates' Emil Brown right? I thought he was long gone from the league. Well, he's with the Royals, so I'm half right. Plastering future stars and rookie logos all over the wrapper and then not delivering with at least one damn rookie is bootleg crap. It's a shame, because I like the cards. The green and gold looks really nice and the FS logo reminds me of the Tron Cycle Game. You gotta deliver the goods though. I think this is a revamp of the old Pros and Prospects sets that had lots of Pros and very few Prospects. At least that product acknowledged there were pros in the set. There's also only 4 lousy cards per pack. Bowman Chrome only has three, but at least they put a rookie in every pack. Again, I should have known better. I even read Joey's pack break from a while back, but forgot about it until I ripped this thing. Don't make the same mistake I did. If you want rookies, buy some Bowman.


Steve Gierman said...

Emil Brown was non tendered by the Royals yesterday.

Chris Harris said...

There are "Future Stars" in this set. Unfortunately, they're all pre-autographed and seeded every sixth pack.

I think I'll be taking a pass on this.