Sunday, December 09, 2007

1994 Fleer Football


I just picked up a box of 1994 Fleer Football, one of the last sets I started before what became like a 13-year absence from collecting, in the hopes of completing it. This particular set guarantees one insert per pack, with about 8 insert sets total. The box states odds of 1:72 of receiving a "Hot-Pack", which would contain 15 insert cards. Yesterday was my lucky day. I pulled one. It was on the top layer of packs (second pack I opened from this box), which shoots all kinds of holes in my "Pick from the bottom" theory.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
Jerome Bettis Award Winner 1 (NFC Off. ROY)
Charles Johnson Prospect 13
Marcus Allen League Leader 1
Jerome Bettis ROY 5
Junior Seau All Pro 13
Troy Aikman Pro-Visions 5
Charlie Garner Prospects 11
Thurman Thomas League Leader 9
Charles Johnson Prospects13 (No, this is not a typo.)

Rob Fredrickson Prospects 9
Emmitt Smith Award Winner 4 (Super Bowl MVP)
Jerry Rice All Pro 9
Emmitt Smith League Leader 7
Jerome Bettis ROY 5
Marshall Faulk Prospects 7

Grade: A
Not an A+, since I didn't pull any of the Living Legends set, but still pretty good. Great, if you're an Emmitt Smith or Jerome Bettis fan. Intra-pack doubles always bother me. I'm gonna go hit the basement now to see if I can find all of the inserts I originally pulled.


--David said...

Rockin, man! Congrats on the Hot Pack! If you put together a list of needed cards for the set, I'll look through my gazillion cards and see if I can help you complete it!

dayf said...

EPIC! Ya gotta love the mid 90's Fleer hot packs. I pulled a couple back in the day and there is nothing better. It's cool you got to record one for posterity like this. Now I want to go scrounging the web for an old box of Fleer to chase my own hot pack.

Chris Harris said...

92-94-era Fleer -- regardless of sport -- was the shit.

Michael said...

Good for you—it's gratifying to read about it rather than just hearing that some friend of your next-door neighbour's uncle pulled one of them. Pity about the intra-pack double.