Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Topps Updates & Highlights HTA Jumbo

I know I've been hatin' on this set for months, but this is the first time I've seen a Jumbo pack of any of this year's Topps for sale by itself. The brick & mortar shops I usually go only sell it by the box, not so with flea market guy. Once he told me there was still one hit left in the box, my greed got the best of me and I splurged on this pack.

(the UH from the number has been omitted to preserve my sanity)
108 David Newhan
196 Brian Wolfe RC
202 Danny Putnam RC
29 Carlos Silva
166 Felix Pie RC
300 Jason Gabbard
184 Yovani Gallardo RC
143 Jeff Baker
77 Esteban German
190 Eulogio De La Cruz RC
12 Marlon Anderson
330 Brian Burres
42 Chris Snelling
41 Ryan Langerhans
6 JD Drew
305 Orlando Palmiero
178 Matt Lindstrom RC
144 Edwin Jackson
137 Erick Aybar
214 A-Rod Season Highlights
208 Mark Buehrle Season Highlights
95 Dmitri Young
306 Paul Bako
287 Red Alex Rios Home Run Derby
311 Red Josh Phelps
122 Red Rich Harden
100 Red Abraham Nunez
23 Red Tadahito Iguchi
193 Red Chase Headley RC
99 Red Carlos Ruiz
323 Red Jorge Cantu
129 Red Dustin Moseley
288 Red Vlad Guerrero Home Run Derby
253 Gold Derrek Lee #0033/2007
MHR490 Mickey Mantle Home Run #490
GN 520 Curtis Granderson Gen Now Double #1
153 Mark Reynolds 1st Edition RC
HAAH Aaron Heilman Autograph
99 Carlos Ruiz
100 Abraham Nunez
287 Alex Rios Home Run Derby
173 Kevin Slowey RC
154 Jesse Litsch RC
93 Chris Sampson
245 Takashi Saito All Star
227 David Wright All Star
259 Freddy Sanchez All Star
261 Carlos Lee All Star
223 Russell Martin All Star
255 Dmitri Young All Star

Well there certainly was a hit left in the box. It's an auto of a Mets relief pitcher, but the sticker is shiny so I don't care. Me like shiny cards. WooooOOOoooo shiny! This pack has also cemented my decision to buy a Jumbo box of 2008 Topps. Opening these big fat packs with a bunch of inserts in them is more fun than ripping through pack after pack of little packs and pulling a bunch of Generation Now inserts. I wonder what will be the crappy Gen Now insert of 2008? My guess is they seed the Presidential Campaign cards 1:2 packs and when we all pull our 18th Giuliani card we will all go collectively mad. That's a scary thought, isn't it? A bunch of insane card collectors mobbing the streets gibbering and drooling and throwing Hillary and Huckabee cards at innocent passers-by. At least the Granderson card I pulled was #1. Too bad Topps didn't stop at #1 for all of them. I'm also happy I got a Mantle Home Run crap card instead of Bonds or an A-Rod Waste of Space. Making the 1st edition cards with gold foil instead of silver was a good move by Topps. It was way too easy to shuffle by a one-a box insert thinking it was nothing when all there was to signify it was a little circle with 1st inside. Not that you could actually tell the color of the foil from my lousy scan. I have got to figure out how to work my scanner or better yet get a new battery for my digital camera.

So the final wrap up on my Jumbo pack is: one auto, 2 inserts, enough parallels to fill a retail pack and a bunch of cards I probably already have but I'm not completely sure because I cannibalized my set to help Thorzul complete his. I still haven't pulled that damn card 103 though. Who could it be that is avoiding me so? My favorite card from the pack is one of the stupid Red parallels, the Vladdy Home Run Derby card with him holding up his trophy triumphantly.


Kevin said...

It's always funny to see how collation works. I got a couple 12-packs of 2007 UH in my stocking yesterday, and I received, in the same sequence as they appeared in your Jumbo pack:

41 Ryan Langerhans
6 JD Drew
305 Orlando Palmiero
178 Matt Lindstrom RC
144 Edwin Jackson
137 Erick Aybar
214 A-Rod Season Highlights

Go figure. Happy Boxing Day, dayf.

Brandon said...

Card #103 is Antonio Alfonseca. I've never heard of him and his card is selling cheap on Beckett.