Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2006-2007 Topps Full Court Basketball

I know, what am I doing buying this crap. A basketball set from last year that I have no intentions of building, what am I doing opening this? I'm trying to keep this blog interesting is what I'm doing. If you want the same ol' packs all the time, I'll go buy a box for five bucks and you'll get '88 Donruss every day for a month.

44 Larry Hughes
79 Josh Howard Photographer's Proof #1314/1999
26 Gilbert Arenas
46 Al Jefferson

I only got 4 cards and not 5, but one was a serial numbered Josh Howard parallel so that's not too bad. If this stuff had a glossy finish instead of matte, it would be identical to your typical Stadium Club release. Even the Photographer's Proof is an old Stadium Club insert isn't it? Why didn't Topps just call it Stadium Club? Hell if they called it Stadium Club, I might have bought a Blaster in a fit of nostalgia last year. Nobody has an emotional attachment to Full Court for Pete's sake. This is pretty nice stuff actually, a stealth Stadium Club with 4 stars in the pack. Actually Topps did bring back Stadium Club this year, but it's a $20 a pack premium offering. I wish they'd do that in baseball, just call Co-Signers Stadium Club and keep it the same product and everyone would be happy. They could even bring back the Members Only set, but this time charge $500 for it and include a two gamers, a numbered Rookie, an auto and the severed finger of a Triple -A utility infielder in every pack. The high rollers would eat that up!


Kevin said...

Wow, don't give Topps any bright ideas. Poor Howie Clark needs all ten fingers if he's going to get any more cups of coffee in the Bigs...

dayf said...

Hey man, ya gotta move that product! SportKings is just mad they didn't think of it.