Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Let's close out the year with the last product out of the gate. Well, for Topps at least. I picked up a blaster of this stuff with one of the numerous gift cards I got for Xmas. The two cards I want most out of this set are Jason Heyward and Yunel Escobar. Sure I could go online and pick them up pretty cheap, but where's the fun in that? Let's rip the last pack of the new year! Unless some wiseguy comes in with a post at 11:59 and ruins everything!

BDP46 Homer Bailey
BDP48 Angel Sanchez
BDPP5 Chrome Trevor Pippen
BDP27 Chrome Ben Francisco
BDP49 Gold Phil Hughes
BDPP55 David Price
BDPP46 Josh Horton

So, Yankee fans... Is Phil Hughes really as good as all the hype? Because I've pulled a ton of his cards the past couple of months. Will he be anchoring the rotation in New York for the next decade or is he going to be trade fodder for Santana? Price was the first overall pick in the draft so that's promising. The other two picks I know nothing about, although Pippen is from (shudder) Peachtree City, Georgia. That place is skeery. Lots of golf carts, stepford wives and the Pizza Hut's roof isn't red. The whole town is like a Twilight Zone episode. Other than Hughes, the green rookies aren't promising. Homer Bailey has had Bowman cards in every year since 2004. But this card has a logo on it. Meh. Same with Ben Francisco. I know for a fact I've seen a card of him floating around somewhere in some old Heritage set. That leaves Angel Sanchez who was on the DL all year with Tommy John surgery. It took a while to figure that out because Googling his name gets you a bunch of links to a fashion designer. These are all prospects though, so who knows... Maybe in 2010 Josh Horton will be an All-star shortstop for the A's, or Pippen will go on a rampage in his golf cart and run over a crowd of people resulting in several painful stubbed toes. Hey man, any publicity is good publicity and you can bet I'll have Josh's card on eBay before the battery on his cart runs out.


Jeff said...

Dayf -

I'm assuming that you and all your readers realize that Phil is a Pat Neshek collector type, ad posts on the Beckett boards. He gives some neat insight into the signing process - check this thread out:

His photobucket is unreal.

dayf said...

Wow, I didn't know that before now... I clicked on that link and my head asploded. That's some really cool stuff!