Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2006 Topps Updates & Highlights

Ok, I've been posting a bit sporadically lately, but I got a little ca$h today so I spent some of it on enough packs to last me till around Christmas. Today I have a couple of Updates & Highlights packs from last year that was a throw in with a Bowman Heritage pack in a repack blister. These are the 6-card mini packs that came in the blasters so they can advertise 20 packs for $20, plus two bonus packs! Two of these packs equal one normal retail pack so why not open both. These must be the bonus packs, because they look like they've been through a war. They may have been left in the microwave or came from the Topps plant in Chernobyl. Both wrappers are kind of melted and you can peek into one of them. Whatever happened to them happened before the repack, because the Heritage wrapper is fine. Then again, Heritage wrappers are made of some space age heavenly substance that has the power to seduce men. It's a mystery, but I'm not in the mood for puzzles, I'm in the mood to open wax. Rip, rip, and such.

Pack 1: the one with the peephole
UH11 Russell Branyan
UH24 Eddie Guardado
UH249 Gary Matthews All Star
MHR141 Mickey Mantle Home Run
UH289 Lance Berkman Home Run Derby
UH 207 AL ERA Leaders

Man, this pack was hard to open. I have this ripping thing down to a science, grab the flap at the back of the pack, gently pull to break the seal, open up the rest of the top of the pack and slide the cards out. This is not easy to do when the mylar has withered like shrink wrap. I got it open though without killing any corners. Unfortunately there was a big dent in the Branyan and Guardado cards anyway. Who cares though, it's Branyan and Guardado. The good cards are all fine though. Mantle has a bright yellow background on his faux '55 Topps card that matches Berkman's hideous '06 Pittsburgh All Star Jersey. The League Leader card is fantastic though, and features Johan Santana, Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia. Three Cys on one card! It reminds me of some of the killer league leader cards from the 60's with 3 or 4 Hall of Famers on the card.

Pack 2:
UH54 Josh Bard
UH137 John Rheinecker RC
UDH238 Francisco Liriano All Star
BB713 Barry Bonds Home Run Travesty
UH192 Postseason Highlights - Cardinals vs. Mets NLCS Game 6
UH210 NL Home Run Leaders

Two inserts in two packs, too bad they are both Home Run cards. Mickey hit his 141st HR off Camilo Pasqual and Barry hit #713 off Jon Lieber. I don't really care either, but I gotta write something about these packs. The playoff card features Jose Reyes. Topps printed the postseason cards without foil (probably because they had to print them up at the last minute) and they look so much better than the regular cards. There is just too much foil on these damn cards. The foil name I don't mind since they are on a black background, but what's up with the foil flying buttresses on either side of the team name? I forgot how awesome the cartoons on the back of these cards were. Josh Bard's cartoon shows Frunobulax, a very large Poodle Dog wearing a baseball uniform with the caption "1930's Dodgers outfielder Joe Hutchinson's nuckname was 'Poodles'" Once again the best card in the pack is the League Leader card. Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and Alfonso Soriano. It ain't Aaron, Clemente and Cepeda, but 30 years from now though, who knows...

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