Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

I haven't bought a box like Chris (yet) but I did snag a couple of packs of this stuff last Friday when I had a chance. For anyone not familiar with the Bowman methodology, I try to explain it with my first pack break here. For the second pack, I'm going to focus on the players instead of the cards. Here's what I got:

BDP18 Joba Chamberlain
BDP28 Doug Slaten
BDPP56 Chrome Brad Mills blue
BDP9 Chrome Jesus Flores green
BDPP 3 Gold Corey Brown blue
BDPP34 Matt Dominguez
BDPP78 Rich Thomspson

Let's go through each of these fellows individually.

Joba - You've heard about Joba already. Let's get to the obscure players.

Doug Slaten - A pretty good middle reliever for the D-backs. If he manages to remain a pretty good middle reliever through the time he becomes an unrestricted free agent, some team will throw a huge contract at him and he'll become an overpriced bum.

Brad Mills - All my Google searches keep coming up with this guy. Great card, but not who I'm looking for. Looks like a 4th round draft pick of the Jays.

Jesus Flores - Was briefly the top catcher on the Nationals depth chart before they signed Paul Lo Duca. It looks like he'll be a good bench player for the Nats.

Corey Brown - Outfielder picked 59th overall by the A's. He raked at Oklahoma State and Oakland has a decent track record in the draft so he looks promising.

Matt Dominguez - 12th overall pick of the Marlins. Highly regarded third base prospect that is ranked as the Fishies' 7th best prospect by Baseball America. Looking at the Marlins' depth chart, he might be their opening day starter at third.

Rich Thompson - Another middle reliever, this time for the Angels. This card confuses me, Rich was called up in September and pitched 7 games for the Halos. Why does he have a prospect card and not a MLB rookie logo card? I guess they have to save a few of them for the 2008 releases.


Chris Harris said...

Rich Thompson played in the Futures Game. Topps decided to throw the Futures Game subset into the "Blues" which is why this isn't a "Rookie."

Besides, who the hell wants a "Rookie Card" of a middle-inning reliever anyway?

dayf said...

Aha, I got it. I thought the futures players were in the Greens last year? Or had their own susbet or something. This blue/green crap is confusing.