Friday, December 07, 2007

1990 Score

OK, my turn.

I feeling kind of gypped. I sent the Cardboard Junkie a Topps Hot Button booster pack -- which cost me all of $1 -- and I get a stinking pack of 1990 Score back in return! Anyway, the value of the '90 Score pack hasn't depreciated all that much; which is more than what you can say about the Hot Button pack.

Speaking of depreciating pack values, I remember when this stuff came out and the neighborhood dealer -- of which there were four in Barrington, New Jersey in 1990 -- was selling this stuff for 75 cents a pack. I asked the dealer why he was selling Score for 25 cents a pack more than Donruss, Fleer and Topps.

Sixteen-year-old Chris: "Why are you selling the new Score for 75 cents a pack? I thought it was 50 cents?"

Dealer: "Kid, you see that Bo Jackson card with the $10 price tag in my display case? That's why."

Ah yes, the 1990 Score Bo Jackson. An icon of The Hobby's overproduction era. (I wonder if Upper Deck will include this in next year's UD Masterpieces.) Yes, people actually paid $10 for this card -- mostly on the belief that it was short-printed.

So, am I going to pull "The Bo?"

Base Set:
Danny Heep
Tim Burke
German Gonzalez
Kevin Gross
Tom Candiotti
Fred McGriff
Mark Langston
Lloyd Moseby
Jimmy Key
Pat Sheridan
Jose Rijo
Ron Kittle
Jim Corsi
Ed Whited 1990 Rookie
George Canale 1990 Rookie
Rickey Henderson Dream Team

Magic Motion: 1978 AL MVP (one-per-pack)

Hell yeah! A Dream Team of Rickey. And Chris thinks that, although Chris didn't pull "The Bo," Chris is just as content with "The Rickey Dream Team."

In all seriousness, the Dream Team subset was a bit ahead of its time. About a decade before the concept of the "retro" card, the 1990 Score Dream Team's were all done in the style of T-206. Pretty cool.

And for those of you looking to collect 1990 Score (and I know you are), the factory set contains 10 extra "Rookie Dream Team" cards which are also done in the T-206 style.

Oh sure, the rest of the pack was dogshit. However, if I had ripped this pack in 1990, sixteen-year-old Chris would have been happy with Fred McGriff, Mark Langston, and Jose Rijo. And a Rickey Henderson Dream Team.

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