Thursday, December 27, 2007

1994-95 Topps Basketball

I forgot I had this pack. It won't be as fancy as the other posts because the scanner is buried.

Each card is foil stamped! shouts the wrapper. Let's dig in!

Kevin Duckworth, on the Washington Bullets!
Antonio Davis
Charles Barkley Paint Patrol
Isaiah Rider... I wonder if he's in jail
Stacey King... I think she was in my 3rd grade class
Scott Brooks... as a Hawk. I remember him as a Sixer.
Jim Jackson... #4 overall pick!
Sherman Douglas
Stacey Augmon
Sean Rooks
Nate MacMillan
Detlef Schrempf... the pride of Leverkusen

Only one Hall of Fame player and a bunch of draft busts. I give this pack a C.

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dayf said...

Isiah Rider, Jim Jackson... Jesus, this is the Atlanta Hawks Disaster Pack. I almost expect to see DerMarr Johnson in there even though he was in middle school when this pack came out.