Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Score Football

I miss Score. Score had some mighty nice baseball sets and for my money, '88 Score is the best looking base set of the 80's bar none. Donruss resurrected the brand when Pinnacle went belly up, but they never made another baseball set, only football. I like this year's football cards although the only way to go is to buy the jumbo packs. More cards and more inserts, it's a no brainer. However, there's a guy at the flea market I go to that had a box of these and every time I stopped by his table he always asked why I never bought any of his Score. He's a real nice guy who'll talk your ear off if you let him, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't buy any Score because the packs sucked. I finally broke down last weekend and bought this one out of charity.

241 Lendale White
258 Trent Green
274 Derrick Burgess
240 Vince Young
330 Justin Durant Rookie
381 Marshawn Lynch Rookie
85 Glossy DeAngelo Williams

Not bad, the Marshawn Lynch rookie is worth the price of admission alone. Plus there's a couple of Titan stars in here too. I'm keeping a close eye on the Titans because when the Hand Of God finally reaches down from heaven and smites the entire Falcons franchise, leaving only a smoldering toxic crater where the Georgia Dome used to be, I'll end up adopting them as my team. I don't think God is through tormenting Falcon fans though, so that's probably off a little ways in the future. This pack was ok, but it's no Jumbo. Thirty cards, two shiny Atomic parallels, an insert and you get to pick the rookie on the front of the pack. How can you beat that? I made flea market dude happy though, so it's all good.

A sad update - I went back to the flea market yesterday and found out from one of the other dealers that the guy who sold me the pack was in the hospital. He's had heart problems before, hopefully they caught it early this time. I'll gladly buy another pack of Score from him when he gets back on his feet next year.


Chris Harris said...

Reason #412 Why the MLBPA was justified in yanking Donruss-Playoff's license: D-P never brought back Score baseball.

Kevin said...

I miss Score Baseball as well. 1994 and 1996 were two of the prettiest sets out there for my money.