Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2005 Playoff Absolute

Here's another cheap Target pack I bought to keep me busy posting the rest of the year. I don't know if I've bought any of this at all before now. It sure doesn't look familiar. Well, other than George Brett, who is seemingly on the wrapper of every single Donruss release from '05. Let's see what we got.

32 Rocco Baldelli
89 Hideo Nomo
61 Richie Sexson Blue Parallel
25 Jason Bay
82 Roy Oswalt card

Yep, this is the first pack of this I've gotten although I think I have one or two of the shiny foil Hobby version. I can't imagine why I passed this up in 2005. Not a good sign when you lead off with two Devil Rays. I had no clue Hideo played for the Rays. How did that happen? Bay and Sexson are both good players, but they suuuuuuucked last year. Sexson is a meaningless blue parallel (ie: the foil is blue instead of gold, whoopie) making his card that much more blah. Thank goodness for Roy Oswalt who saves the pack at the end. When you go 14-7 with a 3.18 ERA and that's considered an off year, that means you are a damn good pitcher. Anyone else play the game? every year I'd get these cards in the Topps I bought in March and I'd go online and play their Fantasy game. I'd set a lineup and then never ever look at it again, at least until next year when I got new sluggers cards. For all I know I've won three trips to the All Star Game by now.

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Voltaire said...

Yeah, I played Sluggers. I managed my team about the same way you did.