Sunday, December 30, 2007

Legends 35 Football Cards for $1.99

The plan was to have a pack fight for today to commemorate the Patriots' run at an undefeated season, but I forgot the game was on Saturday night. Oops. I'll save the fight for the Super Bowl or something, here's one of those 2 buck Legends repack blisters instead. I've opened a couple of of the Baseball version and both were really fun. What the heck, let's try a football one. Worst case scenario is that it sucks and I missed out on getting a pack of Fleer Ultra instead. Both at the store had a Duce Staley card on the front, I picked the one with a squashed blister allowing a card of UGA alum Reggie Brown to peek out from behind.

2004 Fleer Authentix 24 Duce Staley
1993 Score 191 Darren Perry
1995 Topps 53 Ben coleman
2002 Pacific 381 Andre Carter
2006 Topps Team set TEN3 David Givens
2007 Topps 7 of 12 Lito Shepard
1997 Collector's Choice Terry Glenn "Acropat"
1994 Topps Andre Hastings
1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Collectible 8 Super Bowl VIII
1993 Pinnacle Men of Autumn 5 Eric Metcalf
2003 Ultra William Green
1994 Ultra 365 Steve Everett
1991 Ultra 73 Robb Thomas
??? Upper Deck Gridiron Dogpile Defense
1989 Topps Traded 91T Jim Harbaugh
1997 Score Board 46 Karin Abdul-Jabbar
1989 Topps Traded 31T Todd Blackledge
1996 Donruss Shawn Jefferson
1989 Topps Traded 102T Andre Rison RC
1990 Fleer 23 Bobby Humphrey
1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Collectible 116 Ray Guy
1989 Topps Traded 49T Jeff Lageman
1993 Classic Draft 30 Adrian Murrell
1989 Topps Traded 58T Greg Kragen
1992 Ultra 358 Todd Bowles
1989 Topps Traded 29T Issaic Holt
1991 Upper Deck 23 Eric Turner Star Rookie
1989 Topps Traded 109T James Lofton
1994 Collector's Edge 113 Louis Oliver
1989 Topps Traded 36T Jeff Uhlenhake
1994 Collector's Edge 114 Irving Fryar
1994 Fleer 465 Ken Harvey
1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Collectible 10 Super Bowl X
2007 Ultra 151 Reggie Brown
1994 Topps 524 Carlos Jenkins

I don't have time do do my normal commentary right now, I'm late for a football-watching party. I huge bowl of chili awaits! I'll leave you with some scans and you can write your own commentary in the comments section.

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