Thursday, December 20, 2007

2000 Pacific Private Stock

This is the baseball version of the football pack I opened this weekend. This set is the same deal as before, the base cards are really thick with a computerized photo that looks vaguely like a painting and two mini T206 size cards per pack. There's not a whole lot in this set other than short printed Alfonso Soriano and Rick Ankiel prospect cards, but I'm a sucker for the mini cards. This pack was cheap though because it's the retail version instead of hobby. Plus Tony Gwynn's on the pack. How could I pass up Tony? Time to open.

114 Jason Kendall
104 Jason Giambi
PS-2000 14 Manny Ramirez
PS-2000 34 Alfonso Soriano
16 Cal Ripken Jr.

Sweetness. A gorgeous Ripken card and two superstar minis. Plus Jason Kendall as a Pirate. A real, actual bloodthirsty pirate. Arrrrrrrr...

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Voltaire said...

Jason Kendall makes me laugh.

Great blog, guys. Absolutely love it. Keep the packs coming!