Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Allen & Ginter Blaster CONTEST!

Alright, I've exercised self-control for long enough, and now's the time to act on the spur of the moment. Back in summer I bought a couple of blasters of 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter with the intention of setting one aside to sell a few years down the road on eBay. While the market for these isn't great right now, and because these things were available at basically any store that sold anything, the supply is probably on the high side. That being said, I also need to reveal that baseball cards are a gift that my family is not apt to give. We keep Christmas smaller than it has been in the past, which I actually like. Therefore, I am going to rip the blaster that's been sitting in the back bedroom where my cards are kept (a glimpse of which can be seen here):

Since I have already completed this set, I'll run a little contest here. If you can identify the purpose of this part of the image (seen below), I'll send the first person to respond correctly the card of their choice from either of the first two packs I rip.

With that out of the way, it's time to get started. I have a good feeling about this box.

Let's tear in.

First pack, top to bottom:
(I should note that this top pack is filled with an unusually large amount of air. I should actually go out to my car to get my tire pressure gauge, but it's gotten a little nippy out.)
100 David Ortiz
306 Morgan Ensberg
Mini 176 Bronson Arroyo
Checklist One of Two
305 Jeremy Bonderman
197 Greg Lougainis
174 Jamie Fischer

Second pack, no air, hopefully some great pulls:
179 Matt Cain
222 Rocco Baldelli (SP)
Mini 213 Lou Pinella
Checklist One of Two
268 Washington Monument
188 Josh Willingham
260 Andruw Jones

Okay, the first pack was better. Nothing to write home about on either of them. First dibs on any card to the first correct commenter!


Voltaire said...

It looks like a summary of a checklist as best I can make out. Either that, or it's a random crop of an image to create a contest.

Unknown said...

You're getting warm...
A checklist of what, exactly?

Perhaps I should leave a marvelous clue.

Russ said...

It looks like what someone would set up at a card show for a dice or wheel game in order to get certain cards if they landed on or rolled a certain number.

dayf said...

I think I know what it is, but I'll give other people a chance since I only have one card left for that set (and it ain't in those two packs)

Unknown said...


Voltaire said...

Beneath the top you can make out the numbers 1-100 (at least, and more, presumably). The top I figured referred to the fact that there were 13 cards missing from 1960's series...something. I'm wondering if "marvelous clue" is a self-referential hint. Checklist of marvel comic books?

(I'm shooting in the dark here)

Unknown said...

Voltaire, you're so close.

Russ said...

I'll bet it's Silver Surfer comics specifically

Voltaire said...

Dang. Russ beat me to it; that's what I just figured.

Unknown said...

Russ, you got it!

It's my hand-written list of Silver Surfer comic books, most of which belong to the series that began in 1987. The 1960s series refers to the one older Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issue I do own (which is in some bad shape, I can tell you).

Which card do you want?

Voltaire said...

Congrats, Russ! And thanks, thorzul, that was fun.

Russ said...

Ah voltaire you provided the set up. The only card out of those 2 packs I do not have is Greg Lougainis so I'll take that one.

Unknown said...

Awesome, send your address to