Saturday, May 17, 2008

1993 Classic 4-Sport Draft Pick

This pack cost all of 50 cents and it's got Jeters in the set so I thought what the hell. It's actually a pretty terrible set. The photos are muddy, the design is awful, the names are unreadable and most of the subjects didn't do much of anything. Buy hey, I get to rip a pack and bitch on the internet for 50 cents! What a bargain!

57 Byron Russell
176 Antonio London
70 Chris Whitney
150 John Parrella
290 Joel Moore
86 Richard Petruska
253 Manon Rheume
94 Marvin Jones
50 Eric Pauley
208 Maxim Bets
264 Wayne Gomes
48 Matt Nover

Ok, I did not expect a Manon Rheume card. Manon was the incredibly hyped female goaltender for my beloved Atlanta Knights. Damn I miss that team. Manon only played two games for the Knights but most of her cards were in an Atlanta uniform. Gotta love it. That one card made the whole pack. Let's see who the rest of these losers are before I chuck the ugly things in the trash.

Byron Russell actually played in the NBA for 13 years, most with the Jazz. 'Bama linebacker Antonio London stuck with the Lions for 5 years. Chris Whitney played in the NBA for 11 years, mostly with the Wizards. Ok, when I opened this pack I didn't recognize most of these people and they all have had decent careers so far. I thought I found a bum in John Parella, but I misspelled his name. John ParRella played D-Tackle for 12 years and ended up with 26.5 sacks. The first baseball card in the pack is Rockies' draft pick Joel Moore who never made it past Triple-A. Richard Petruska is the first basketball flop. 22 games played for the Rockets. Still, halfway through the pack and 5 of 6 make the major leagues in their sport.

Second half of the pack starts off with Manon who is just awesome. No arguments. Cause if you've got anything horrid to say about Manon Rheume, you can just about bloomin' well say it to me first! Marvin Jones had a pretty damn good career for the Jets. The Seminole linebacker had over 1000 total tackles for his career. Jayhawk hoopster Eric Pauley didn't get drafted by anyone and I don't think he ever played a game in the NBA. Russian Junior Hockey star Maxim Bets played all of three games with the Mighty Ducks. He shoulda stayed in Russia. Wayne Gomes was a slightly above-average relief pitcher for the Phillies in the late 90's who saves this pack from being completely devoid of MLB players. The last guy in the pack I was certain was a bum, but it turns out Hoosier Matt Nover was the white guy in Blue Chips and has played a bunch in Europe. Dang, that wasn't too bad for a 50 cent junk pack.


topperkaz said...

I have som "a list" stars from this set if anyone is interested

Bo said...

Is the Gomes card up for trade?