Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hawks v. Celtics Game 7 Basketball Card Extravaganzapalooza

I went to Target and bought a bunch of basketball packs to commemorate the Hawks taking the evil Celts to the brink in their playoff series. I'm gonna rip 'em all right now and post them all at once because when if my Birds falter tonight I'll never bother to write up these packs. I got three from Upper Deck and three from Topps to make it all even. I probably should have gotten one more pack in honor of game seven but there's a limit to how many basketball cards even I can stand. Whoever has more cards out of these packs, Hawks or Celts, will surely win the game tonight because all sporting contests in the world ultimately hinge on which packs a blogger purchases from a Target on Highway 41 in Acworth. rrrrrrrrrrip!

2007-2008 Fleer Basketball

78 Zach Randolph
74 David Lee
49 Dwight Howard
170 Rafer Alston
140 Elton Brand
160 Marcus Camby
191 Amare Stoudemire
86R-137 Wilson Chandler '86 Fleer retro

This pack was chock full of Knicks, but the '86 retro card makes up for it.

2007-2008 Fleer Hot Prospects Basketball

45 Shaquille O'Neal
48 Brandon Roy code
NN-3 AL HORFORD Notable Newcomers
$2 off a Spanding basketball Target coupon

Ray Allen almost ruined the pack, but the Horford insert card makes not only this pack, but the resto f them as well. I guess it's technically tied even though Ray is still in his Sonics uniform. I got two coupons in this sucker too. While I don't need a basketball, I might actually use the Upper Deck code for once. There's a Phil Niekro trading card/car thingy on there that has caught my eye. Yeah, it's stupid, but I love the ol' knuckleballer.

2007-2008 SP Basketball

20 Michael Redd
AP-50 Dr. J
100 Josh Howard
87 Chauncey Billups
61 Kobe Bean

DAMN that Dr. J card is frickin' sweet! I wonder if there's a 'Nique?

2007-2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball

70 Andrea Bargnani
75 Andre Miller
11 Yao Ming Chrome
108 David Lee
45 Chris Paul

This pack sucked. If it says Rookies on the pack there should be rookies in the pack. I expect better from Bowman. A shame, because the cards look slick.

2007-2008 Topps Chrome Basketball

88 Ryan Gomes
85 Clyde Drexler
117 Thaddeus Young
101 Tracy McGrady

Ugliest set of the year in any sport. The Baseball chrome looked so good too. I only got this pack hoping for a refractor and was denied. Clyde the Glide is a pretty good consolation prize though.

2007-2008 Topps Trademark Moves Basketball

DOMINIQUE WILKINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
47 Magic Johnson
23 LeBron James
8 Richard Hamilton
29 Eddy Curry

Nique saves the day on the last pack! Take that ya Irish bastids! Three of the 5 cards are miscut though, LeBron and Rip have a little extra bit of a basketball on the bottom of their cards. Who cares, man. Hawks are gonna win and I got a card of Magic to boot. W00t!

Update: Apparently this was A Pack A Day's 500th post and I didn't even notice. Oh well. Time to write another 500.


Unknown said...

Go Hawks!

In my memory, it seemed like my Bucks met the Hawks every year for like a decade straight in the first round of the playoffs. That was back when you had the pure 5-game series to open the playoffs. Now we play until the 4th of July.

dayf said...

Aaaand the Hawks are down by 92 points in the 3rd quarter. Stupid packs.

"In my memory, it seemed like my Bucks XXX beat the Hawks every year for like a decade straight in the first round of the playoffs."

Fixed it for ya.


Offy said...

If the Celtics are evil then where does that put the team that's been trash talking and acting like thugs the entire series? We're lucky we've got a point guard for the next series and that Pierce wasn't hurt badly in game 1.

William said...

According to my addition, this was the 500th post on APAD. Nobody else noticed this?