Sunday, May 04, 2008

1999 Skybox Metal Universe

As part of my continuing series of busting crappy waxboxes, I ripped a retail box of 1999 Metal Universe. I got this box from Pittsburgh Sports Wholesale for $18.95 + shipping in the same deal as '95 Select box I posted here earlier.

Unfortunately, I could only find a retail box. The difference between Hobby and retail is two less cards per pack, four less packs per box, and greater hit rates on the inserts.

Mike Hampton
Did you know? From 2003-05 the Florida Marlins paid Mike $38 million, despite never playing for them.
Jay Buhner
Did you know? The Seattle Mariners once held "Buhner Buzz Cut Night." Any fan with a bald head, on agreed to shave their head, could get into the Kingdome for free.
David Justice
Did you know? When asked to comment on New York Yankee fans David was quote as saying, "They can't get any rougher on us unless they show up with Uzis."
Paul Bako
Did you know? Paul made the last out of the 2003 NLCS.
Sidney Ponson
Did you know? Was made a knight by the Queen of Netherlands.

Neophytes (1:10) Miguel Tejada
Did you know? Miguel is eight days older than baseball card blogger Chris Harris. (At least this week.)

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