Monday, May 19, 2008

Three-peat: 2008 Topps Heritage

Before this week goes completely insane (I'm throwing a bachelor party on Saturday, and the wedding is next Monday), let me regale you with tales of a not-so-mystical triumvirate of packs from the land of Heritage. Huzzah? Sure.

Pack 1
374 Baseball Thrills: Kenny Lofton Breaks Postseason Steals Record - Expertly analyzed recently by dayf.
123 Sam Fuld Rookie Stars RC - Sam holds an economic degree from Stanford. The card doesn't say when he plans on giving it back.
47 Jason Marquis
420 Noah Lowry - Who hit you, Noah? WHO HIT YOU? YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID ANY MORE!

361 Joe Borowski - Oh no, here we go! JoeBo's going to blow!
195 Carlos Quentin - Think the D'Backs want a mulligan on that trade?
231 Kevin Gregg SP - He's the highest-paid Marlins player. Yes, really.
224 David Wright black variation - If I can grab him for my fantasy team for a third straight season in '09, I think we'll technically be married.

Pack 2
289 Brett Myers - I believe he's allowed 45 home runs this year, give or take a few.
374 Baseball Thrills: Kenny Lofton Breaks Postseason Steals Record - Oh come on!
237 Derek Jeter, Chien-Ming Wang, and Robinson Cano: Run Preventers: Poor timing on this card.

345 Chris Carpenter - Have you ever seen Chris and Jon Henson in the same place at the same time?
6 Jacoby Ellsbury - Or as I now call him, Tacoby Bellsbury. Thanks, FJM.
393 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Card
322 Richie Sexson - Not pictured: His projectile batting helmet.
122 Ross Detwiler Rookie Stars RC black variation - Yeah, he's nice enough for a top-ten pick. But I'll stick with Matt Wieters, thank you very much.

Pack 3
376 Randy Johnson - Grandpa!

289 Brett Myers - Sonofa...
345 Chris Carpenter - Okay, either this was one crappily collated box or the hobby shop was mixing and matching packs. Either way, I'm annoyed.
331 Travis Hafner - His nickname, Pronk, is short for Pronkwell Q. Smashington. No, it's not.
293 Edgar Renteria
79 Mark Loretta - Loretta?
NF8 News Flashbacks: USSR's Luna 2 Becomes the First Man-Made Object on the Moon - Impressive, but it's no Laika.
12 Curt Schilling black variation - Yep, still doughy.


Unknown said...

Man, I was thinking the same thing about the Noah Lowry card. He got his ass KICKED!

Tony Conigliaro he ain't.

skoormit said...

No, I doubt the D'Backs want a mulligan on the Quentin for Chris Carter trade. They flipped Carter a few weeks later as a key part of the deal that got them Dan Haren. Given the state of the DBacks outfield (Byrnes through '10, Chris Young through '13, Justin Upton through '10), I think they are happy to have swapped out Quentin to help them get a second ace in the rotation.

Kevin said...

Thorzul - I have a book at home with a picture of Tony C. with his completely black, swollen shut eye. It ain't pretty.

Tim - Thanks for the info. You can see how well I did my homework!