Monday, May 19, 2008

2005 Donruss

This is the first pack from my Wally World cube. This pack has a security device plastered to the back, but I can't tell if it was already on there or if it was placed on the pack to deter the theft of the cube. Like they'd check if I just shoved the thing down the front of my pants and walked out. "... Sir? is that a... down your... in your...?" "No. I just find you incredibly attractive." I might get cards and a hookup out of the deal. I don't have much to say about the final edition of Donruss baseball (until they get their license back next year - count on it) other that it's kind of boxy and gaudy and just a little bit ugly. But it's still Donruss, dammit, and if their was a 2008 set out, I'd be able to build that set instead of buying these crap repacks boxes. Let's open.

229 Junior Spivey
331 Jamie Moyer
342 Scott Rolen
168 Garrett Atkins
21 Scott Rolen Diamond Kings
183 Eric Munson
224 Milton Bradley
320 A.J. Pierzynski
261 Richard Hidalgo
363 Alex S. Gonzalez

Any pack where I have to type Pierzynski twice is a bad pack. Scott Rolen fans (are there any left?) would like it though as it has his base card and Diamond King. The most interesting card is Alex Gonzalez bounding after a double play attempt. Eh, not a great pack but I have 6 more to go.


William said...

Not a great pack? You pull a Richard Hidalgo and it's not a great pack?

Wait a's 2005 Donruss, so they probably showed him on the Mets [or Rangers]...nevermind, it is crappy.

dayf said...

He's in a Mets uniform, which makes the pack that much worse.