Thursday, May 08, 2008

Serenity Now? 2006 Topps Jumbo Box Break

Okay, work has been hell lately, but I've got the day off tomorrow! Let's celebrate with the "War and Peace" of box breaks, why not? Today: pack ten of twelve.

468 Johan Santana
383 Russ Ortiz - Man, he went to crap really quick.
506 Michael Cuddyer
584 Jorge Sosa - Multiple-time winner of the "Least Despicable Sosa in MLB" award.
495 Adrian Beltre
423 David Ortiz - Still listed as 1B. That's cute.
487 Rich Harden - His catchphrase: "Ow, my arm!"
417 Jay Gibbons - Has yet to catch on with a new team after the O's decided in March that eating his contract was preferable to keeping him around. Oh, Jay.
HIT6 Jeff Bagwell Hit Parade
TP-RH Ramon Hernandez Trading Places - Hey, an Orioles insert!

600 Ned Yost MGR
405 Miguel Tejada - Orioles all over this pack.
523 Bronson Arroyo
517 Denny Bautista
395 Austin Kearns - One of those players that I like for no specific reason. His name's kind of funny and he's got goofy scraggly hair. Sometimes that's enough.
342 Bruce Chen - Fresh off one of the more unlikely pitching performances in O's history (13-10, 3.83 ERA).
478 Doug Waechter
489 Jason Bartlett
555 Scott Rolen
617 Ryan Zimmerman RC - I'd forgotten that his first professional season was 2005.

386 Luke Hudson
592 Mike Hargrove MGR - He managed the Orioles for four years, the longest tenure under Peter Angelos. Poor devil.
MHR75 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #75 - *weeps softly*
585 Mike Piazza - Sans facial hair. Creepy.

561 Miguel Olivo
515 Mark Grudzielanek
475 Ramon Hernandez - Two Ramons (and five Orioles) in one
533 Scott Hatteberg - The card back actually talks about his role in Moneyball.
631 Dan Uggla RC - My roommate's own personal hero. All he does is hit home runs.
633 Josh Barfield RC
642 Brian Bannister RC - That's neat; Jesse and Floyd's sons' rookies back to back.
650 Philly Phanatics: Pat Burrell and Mike Lieberthal
604 Nationals Team Card
653 Brew Crew: Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks
602 Phillies Team Card

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