Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hidden Treasures "Uncover the Babe"

I got paged at 4:30 in the morning so now I'm up and groggy and mostly incoherent so this is obviously the best time to write a post for this excellent blog. I'm not in a good enough mood to write about a decent pack. Instead I will foist upon my unsuspecting readers a Hidden Treasures garbage pack I pulled out of a repack box. This is from the "Uncover the Babe" series of crap, where the odds are astronomically against pulling one of the Babe Ruth cards prominently featured on the wrapper, and even if you did actually pull one of the golden redemption tickets it's probably just enough of a big ticket item to get the IRS to stick their nose in and tax you hard enough that you'd have to sell the card to pay them off anyway. Don't believe me? Ask Patricia Gibbs. I don't like these packs and I really hate getting them in repack boxes. I don't want to open one of those boxes up and get a pile of these things that I wouldn't pay a buck each for in the first place. It's enough to put me off repack boxes and then I'd have to work to find junk wax to open on this site. Let's go through this pack card by card.

First card ain't too bad, a 2005 Bowman Edgar Renteria. An ex-Brave in a pre-Brave uniform. Dude got us Jair Jurrjens so I love me some Edgar. I wonder if this is the 'star' card that is guaranteed in every pack. The top left corner has a big ding on it, so hopefully not.

Ah, a 1995 Fleer card of Terry Steinbach. I'm one of maybe three people in the world who likes '95 Fleer's lysergic acid diethylamide inspired designs. Incidentally, this is the only card in the pack that can be legitimately considered 'mint'.

'88 Donruss: check. New York Met: check. Evidence of a mouse nibbling on the top right corner: check. You can't get cards like this in any old pack.

Watch where you're pointing that thing, Scott.

This must be the star card. Bedrock won the Cy Young Award in '87 so his '88 Topps card is definitely starry. The corners are quite mooshy though. I'd put up with this in a card from the 70's but not '88 Topps.

Ugh. I'm going back to sleep.


Nick Adams said...

Ha! I've always been a fan of 95 Fleer design too

Matt said...

I also liked the 95 Fleer. I remember opening quite a few packs back as a 9 year old.