Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Series Two Fat Pack

Ok, the second pack in the repack cube is a Series Two Fat Pack from 2007 Upper Deck. I don't think I bought a single pack of UD Series 2 last year, the only series two cards I have are from the combo Fat Packs. At least there will not be a lot of doubles in this pack...

Top half:
588 Wily Mo Pena
999 Josh Towers
934 Jarrod Washburn
576 Javier Lopez
984 Mark Teixeira
920 Russ Ortiz
692 Curtis Granderson
943 Brandon Morrow RC
892 Adam LaRoche
898 Jason Bay
971 Ben Zobrist
543 Chipper Jones
804 Pat Neshek
742 David Riske
668 Brian Lawrence
MVP9 Aramis Ramirez MVP Potential

I can't complain about the first pack with Chipper, Tex and LaRoche. Plus I got everyone's favorite Pat Neshek!

Bottom half:
795 Claudio Vargas
737 Zack Grienke
655 Franklin Gutierrez
787 Brain Shouse
720 Wandy Rodriguez
643 Fernando Cabrera
828 Scott Schoeneweis
767 Joe Beimel
530 Edgar Gonzalez
625 Jermaine Dye
538 Randy Johnson Checklist
834 Dave Williams
952 Russ Springer
896 Jonah Bayliss
875 Abraham Nunez
MVP27 Nomar Garciaparra

Not as good on the second half. Jermaine Dye's probably be best other than the checklist card of Randy Johnson. I like the K.C. Monarchs uniform on Zack Grienke. One Rookie card in the whole pack seems odd. The exclusive inserts didn't impress me that much, Nomar Garciaparra hasn't been a legit MVP candidate since about 1998. Overall not a bad pack though.


William said...

Pat Neshek, Shadrach, and Abednego.

kevincrumbs said...

I had no idea that 2007 UD baseball looked so similar to 2008 UD hockey.