Friday, May 23, 2008

2007 Topps Series One Rack Pack

I don't even know why I'm opening this pack, I already have almost a shoebox full of doubles and a complete set. It's Topps though, and you can't have too much Topps. I wish this was a 2006 Rack pack, at least those had Vintage cards. Last years racks sucked. Who cares about a 12 card All Star set? If they weren't going to do the whole 22 card set like they used to, why do it at all? Topps has abandoned Rack packs this year in favor of copying the Fat Pack that Upper Deck uses.

Left pack:
AS7 Chase Utley All Star
106 Ryan Garko
330 Ryan Howard
204 Juan Rivera
163 Dave Roberts
301 Derek Jeter Gold Glove
139 Prince Fielder
182 Ramon Ortiz

I have passed on this very Chase Utley card in the local card shop's 50 cent bin probably 20 times. I guess it was the right choice... The pack also nets a Prince Fielder and the wrong 2007 Topps Series 1 Derek Jeter card.

Middle pack:
142 Trot Nixon
47 Ben Broussard
283 Drew Anderson
144 Jack Wilson
285 Stephen Drew
212 Richie Sexson
225 Robinson Cano

Kids, how would you like to pull... a Richie Sexson card!
But the TV gave the impression that...
We said meh.
M-E-H. Meh!

Right pack:
205 Cory Sullivan
126 Daryle Ward
6 Edgar Renteria
194 Edwin Encarnacion
233 Houston Astros
crummy checklist
167 Royce Clayton
158 Noah Lowry

Great Googely Moogely, if I thought the last pack was meh, what can I say about this? Not even Edgar makes up for a team card and a checklist. And Daryle Ward?? Super Meh.

Ok, that was sort of painful. Back to the bland squidgyness of '06 Updates and Highlights next. At least I have a shot at a Mickey Mantle home run card or something.

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skoormit said...

Nice to see a Simpsons quote in a APAD post.

And every time Rawlings gives Jeter a Gold Glove, I cry a little inside. Kids see these cards, and it makes them believe that Jeter is a good fielder.