Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hometown Showdown: Thorzul vs. dayf

Last night I had the pleasure of taking in a mid-week Brewer game. While the ticket price reads $1.00, I actually got in free of charge after my friend scored some complementary tickets from his dad. When I saw that the Braves were going to be our opponent, I got in touch with dayf to see if he wanted to place a friendly wager on the series. We agreed to an arrangement wherein the fan of the team that loses the three-game series sends the fan of the winner a pack. The rules stated that it has to be a pack of 2008 cards. Before game time, I headed off to the store and picked up a couple of packs. The one I'm risking will remain confidential until the end of the series, but I will be opening a few others as the games progress.

Things are looking good for me after the Brew Crew came out ahead in a 3-2 squeaker. It was the second game in a row that I attended during which Milwaukee won the game in the final at bat. Last night's hero: Bill Hall. He hit an 0-2 pitch to right for a single, advanced to second on a perfect bunt by Rickie Weeks, stole third without even soliciting a throw, and then sprinted home on a short sac fly by Mike Cameron, beating a pretty good throw. On the downside, lots of one-run victories are the hallmark of a bad team. We'll see what happens in the next two games.

Here's a for-kids pack I picked up.
Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
114 Ichiro (Off to a good start.)

179 Hank Blalock
246 Brian Bruney
49 Corey Hart (Sweet! Good player, bad entrance up-to-bat music. He approaches the plate with some really awful country crap that in no way gets me hype. A change is needed.)

133 Shawn Hill
69 Scott Dohmann (D'oh! Man!)
113 Richie Sexson (Always a disappointing pull.)
262 Willie Collazo RC
283 Josh Newman RC

SQ-5 Vladimir Guerrero Starquest (Although it's listed as a "common," I love the green.)

I hate to admit it, but that's a good-looking pack of cards. Upper Deck easily wins the kid demographic this year.


dayf said...

"lots of one-run victories are the hallmark of a bad team"

The Braves have thirteen one run *losses*. What does that say about us? You might be opening that pack yourself, nobody's hitting tonight.

dayf said...


What pack ya want or should I surprise you?

Unknown said...

Surprise me.

You might want to put a bug in McCann's ear:
Batting Catcher + Argued Strikes = 4-Pitch Walk Next Inning

--David said...

Hart should come out to "Sunglasses at Night..." LOL

dayf said...

Well, the batters on both sides were complaining about the low strikes all night so it wasn't just McCann. The dirty ump didn't call that triple by Weeks though.

A surprise it is.